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How to Prepare Biochemistry for Medical PG Entrance

Bio-chemistry is a high scoring section. It is the most scoring subject among all 3 first prof subjects.

In this article, Prepladder summarises the strategies shared by Toppers on how to prepare Biochemistry for Medical PG Entrance.

Bio-chemistry does not change with time, there are no updates in Bio-chemistry and questions are often direct.

Following topics are important in Bio-Chemistry section:

  1. Cycles

These are very important from examination perspective and must be revised one night before the exam since these are very volatile.

You must focus on preparing various cycles like Glucose, Lipids, Protein and Neucleotide.

You must focus on Enzymes, Substrates and cycles of Inborn errors of Metabolism.


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  1. Protein Structure and Collagen Structure

This is the second part which is really important from the examination perspective.

Important Topics Under Protein Structure

  • Types of Protein Structure
  • Tests used to detect them

Important Topics Under Collagen Structure

  • Sequence of Collagen Structures


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  1. Recent Lab Techniques

Generally 1-2 questions are covered from this section in the exam.

The recent lab techniques can be studied from the latest edition of Robbin’s Pathology since questions are directly framed from this book.


  1. Genetics

This is a really important topic. Aspirants can prepare genetics from Pathology book or Bio-Chemistry book.

Toppers’ highlighted that aspirants who are currently in the profs should prepare Genetics from Robbin’s Pathology since it’s given in detail there.

Candidates who are in internship and have limited time can refer to a good Biochemistry guide for genetics. Most important topic in genetics is techniques, since new questions appear from this part.


  1. Inborn errors of Metabolism

Metabolism is a very important topic of paediatrics but can be covered under biochemistry also.

Most Important Topics under Carbohydrate Metabolism

  • Glycogen storage Disorders
  • Galactosemia
  • Hereditary Fructose Intolerance

Most Important Topics under Disorders of Amino Acid

  • Maple Syrup urine disease
  • Phenylalanine Metabolism

Lysosomal Storage Diseases

Important topics under this include:

  • Most Common Gauchers
  • Niemann Pick Disease
  • Gangliosidosis
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis – Image Based questions

Enzyme Replacement therapies are available for some of the inborn errors of metabolism.

This is a hot favourite new topic asked in the exam and the aspirants must be aware of the disorders for which the treatment exists.

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We are sure that the tips shared above would help you excel in your preparation of Bio-Chemistry section for Medical PG Entrance.

Good Luck!

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