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Since the syllabus for PGMEE is very vast, nobody can possibly know everything about every topic. So the question stands on how you should study for the most important exam of your life.

Should you know everything about something or something about everything??

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Our experts suggest that since there is no negative marking in NEET PG and DNB CET, even if you have a faint idea about the answer you can always go ahead and guess it. But wouldn’t it be great if most of your guesses are correct!

After sharing the Art of making intelligent guesses in PGMEE with our regular followers, we are here to answer your query regarding covering such a vast syllabus.

PrepLadder experts and toppers advise that during revision, you should try and cover maximum topics from the surface even if you don't have an in depth knowledge about those topics. You should mostly read your notes and only refer to text books in case of some confusion.

Lay a lot of emphasis on practicing questions during this time. Take mock tests very seriously and simulate an exam like scenario every week.

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Swim far, Not deep.

You can also maximize your chances of getting a correct answer out of a question you are not sure about by practicing. Practice answering questions as much as you can before the exam, so much so that it becomes a habit. After ample practice, making intelligent guesses should come naturally and spontaneously to you in the exam.

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Leave the depth and understanding to when you do your PG, use these tips in your PGMEE exam to get into PG first.



Join the most competitive test series for Medical PG.



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