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The Morning session of the December 6th 2016 NEET PG exam is now over.

PrepLadder is back once again with the Detailed Exam Analysis of the Morning Session of December 6th 2016.

The Morning session of the second day elicited mixed reviews from the examinees.

PrepLadder is the fastest platform to bring you the Detailed Exam Analysis of the Session 1 of NEET PG conducted on December 6th 2016.

Exam Analysis has been compiled based on the genuine reviews from the candidates appearing in the Session 1 of December 6th NEET PG.

Read On to Know the Detailed Exam Analysis..

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Detailed Exam Analysis of NEET PG – December 6th 2016 Morning Session


Overall Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate

The Session 1 of December 6th 2016 elicited mixed reviews. While the exam appeared quite easy to some candidates, others reported that the exam was of Moderate Difficulty level. 

Overall, the exam was ranging between ‘Easy to Moderate’ in terms of difficulty level as per the reviews of Majority of candidates.


Deciders/High Weight Age Subjects

Deciders or the Subjects which could bring a substantial difference to your overall ranking were PSM, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Among the short subjects, Radiology carried the highest weight age.


Low Weight Age Subjects

Subjects which carried considerably low weight age were Ophthalmology, Anatomy and Psychiatry.


Pattern of Questions

‘One-liners’ once again ruled the Morning session exam. Majority of the questions were direct ‘one-Liners’.

Further, the official marks distribution was not strictly followed.


Image-Based Questions – Substantial Weight Age

Nearly, 20-25 Image-Based questions appeared in the Morning session NEET PG.

Out of these, nearly 5 questions were ‘Difficult’ while the rest were ranging between ‘Easy to Moderate’ level of difficulty.

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Distribution of Questions 

Based on the reviews of examinees, questions have been classified into different categories.

Distribution of Questions is summarized below:


No. of Questions

Easy One Liners

130 – 135

Clinical Questions

15 – 20

Easy to Moderate based on your Extra Effort

50 – 60



Very Difficult



Direct Questions from PrepLadder’s All India Mock Exam & Mock Test Series

The major highlight was that Direct questions from PrepLadder’s Mock Test Series & Recent All India Mock Exam also appeared in the Morning session of December 6th NEET PG.

As many as 10+ questions directly appeared from PrepLadder’s Mock Test Series.

Large number of candidates expressed their gratitude as to how PrepLadder’s Comprehensive Mock Test Series & All India Mock Exam provided them an advantage over other contenders and helped them enhance their score.


December 6th 2016 Session 1: Conclusion   

From the Reviews of majority of candidates appearing in Session 1, we infer that majority of the questions were direct & straight forward.

Therefore, candidates appearing in the upcoming days are advised to prepare the basics properly.

Get your basics thorough and do not run after in-depth knowledge.

Further, although the questions were easy, the distractor options were quite good and confusing.

Therefore, candidates appearing in the upcoming days are advised to read the questions carefully as otherwise you might end up getting confused and commit silly mistakes.


To tell us your exam experience after your NEET PG attempt, please visit: medical.prepladder.com/neet


We hope that the analysis will give you an idea about what to expect in NEET PG in the upcoming days.

Stay Tuned for More Updates!!

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