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PrepLadder congratulates Dr. Pallavi Hegde on securing All India Rank 13 in NEET PG exam. We wish her all the best for her career and future ahead.

In this exclusive interview with PrepLadder, she shares the plan that worked for her. Use these tips to get an amazing Rank in NEET PG.

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Hello, please tell us something about yourself.

Hello. My name is Pallavi Hegde. I did my Graduation from Mysore Medical College. I secured AIR 13 in NEET PG 2016.


What do you think is the correct approach to study for NEET PG? Only MCQ's or Theory + MCQ's?

The correct approach is my opinion is to study only the Important Topics of Each subject + MCQs. You are not doing PG in 19 subjects.


When should the preparation ideally be started?

In my opinion, the preparation should be commenced as soon as possible probably in the Internship or Post Internship period.

It is better to study the respective subjects thoroughly from standard books and make the basics strong during the UG days.

No need to practice MCQs during that period.


Please list the books you studied for each subject.

Here is the list of books which I adhered to for my PG preparation:

  • 1 year- Chaurasia, Indu Khurana, Satya Narayan
  • 2 year- Robbins, Anantanarayan, Tripathi, Reddy
  • 3 year- Khurana, Dhingra, Park
  • 4 year- Harrison, Davidson, Alagappan, Bailey and love, SRB, O.P. Ghai, Dutta, Maheshwari, Apurb Mehra
  • Respective clinical books

Standard books of all subjects must be read whenever required


How big is the role of practice and revision while preparing for NEET PG and how much time should be dedicated for it?

Revision is the key.

In the last few months, revise only the information which you have studied, nothing new should be attempted. Number of Revision rounds varies from person to person.

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Did PrepLadder play a part in your success? If yes, how?

Yes, it played a vital role in my success.

I want to express my gratitude towards PrepLadder for providing Subject-wise MCQs and Mock Tests of Standard quality.

PrepLadder’s Mock Tests conducted at the All-India level prior to the actual exam had huge number of competitors and provided comparison of Performance and Rank at National level.


Did you use a time table/study plan to keep your preparation on track?

Yes, you need to set a deadline for each subject. A study plan is vital for completing the portion and for revision as well. 

Without study plan, it is difficult to know where you are heading.


Were you a topper or a mediocre student during MBBS?

I used to score good marks, not a topper though.


List the most difficult and easiest subjects for you.

It depends all on interest of a person.

The subject you don't like will seem difficult to you and also those topics which one has not understood properly. Nothing feels difficult if you are dedicated enough.


One mistake that you believe everyone must avoid while preparing for NEET PG.

  • Not believing in yourself
  • Planning to finish all subjects and topics before exam
  • Spending lot of time on MCQ books
  • Pushing oneself too much in last few days which should have been done before.

These are some mistakes which everyone must avoid while preparing for NEET PG.


Some last tips for our readers preparing for NEET PG? 

Be serious with your preparation. Dedicate all your time for studying. Put in maximal efforts.

Plan your study schedule, frame a time table and stick to it.

Don't compare yourself with others while studying, have a healthy competition.

Have faith in yourself & your abilities and talk to your parents when you feel down.

Keep away from the company of negative people.

If you are sincere and dedicated enough, nobody can stop you from getting into your dream branch.


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