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The Game Plan for preparing the Clinical Subjects for AIPGDEE/NEET PG Dental/MDS

AIPGDEE/ NEET MDS is a national level examination for admission to MDS course under 50% All India Dental Quota.

The competition level has astronomically increased over the past few years.

Most of the candidates fail able to get through the exam owing to lack of correct preparation strategy for Clinical Subjects.

This article will cast light on the game plan to be followed for preparing the Clinical Subjects for NEET PG Dental/MDS.


Game Plan for Clinical Subjects Preparation

Everyone must be aware of the fact that the Clinical subjects constitute approximately 45% of the entire NEET MDS syllabus.

The Clinical subjects constitute the specialities one aims to take up in future as a dental surgeon.

Hence, preparing for these subjects is no mean feat and requires meticulous planning, perseverance and most important SMART WORK instead of HARD WORK.

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5-Step Guide for Clinical Subjects Preparation

1. Set Priorities

  1. You must figure out the subjects which carry maximum weight age in the MDS exam.
    Review previous year papers of MDS and track the subjects with their weight age perspective.
  2. Next, you must set priorities for the subjects. Assign priority to the subjects in the decreasing order of their weight age.
  3. Next, you must prepare the subjects as per the priority assigned.
  4. You must also figure the subjects at which you are weak and which will consume maximum time.
  5. You   must also identify the subjects which are purely conceptual and devise a study plan for them.


2. Become Known to Unknown

You must focus on clearing the concepts and familiarise yourself with the recent developments.

For Instance: Peritron, Invisalign, Veneers, TENS for Management of MPDS

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3. Connect and Relate

Many clinical subjects are co-related to one another. Figure out the topics which overlap in the various clinical subjects and note them on a separate piece of paper.

This will considerably reduce your syllabus.

For Instance:

TMJ disorders are common to both oral medicine and radiology as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery.


4. Don’t Clutter

You must not refer to too many books since it will create undue confusion. Refer to only 1-2 books and Internet sources.

Further, you must go through all the relevant topics at one-time only without leaving them for later stages.


5. Revision

Revision is the most important part of MDS exam preparation. You must revise all important concepts, formulas, shortcuts and topics at regular intervals to retain them for a longer duration.

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Hope these 5 pointers work out for you and enable you to study better for your exams.

Stay Tuned for more!


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