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 Story of the first toothbrush

The toothbrush is one of the most common tools used for oral hygiene worldwide.

The toothbrush is a very vital part of our life since it helps in maintaining oral hygiene. It is one of the things which are surely taken for granted by most of the people.

Every one of us uses the toothbrush but none of us is aware of its History.

This article will take you into the Insights of the history of First Toothbrush.


History of First Toothbrush

It took many centuries for the toothbrush to arrive in Europe despite its long history in China. At these times, Europeans cleaned their teeth with rags rolled in salt or soot.

The Invention of the modern western ‘toothbrush’ is credited to an English rag merchant named William Addis.

William Addis invented the toothbrush in the year 1780.

In this oft-cited legend, Addis got indulged in a dispute that got out of hand and consequently was thrown into Newgate prison on the charges of starting a riot.

Getting spiritless in a dark and dank cell jail, Addis had nothing to do and a foul-tasting mouth.

On spying the broom in the corner of a room, Addis got struck with inspiration. Addis fetched a bone from the jail cell floor and drilled holes into it. He received the bristles from a sympathetic jailer.

Under these adverse circumstances, the invention was born.

After getting released from prison, Addis manufactured a large number of toothbrushes from horsehair and bone and began selling them in London.

The popularity of the toothbrush in England increased simultaneously with the rise in the availability and use of refined sugar which was imported from the West Indies.

Addis’ toothbrush enterprise developed into a prosperous business which was then taken over by his son.

Sources reveal that the Addis Company had employed 60 workers and manufactured four models of the toothbrushes by the year 1840.

The four models of the toothbrushes were Gents, Ladies, Child and Tom Thumb.

The enterprise, Wisdom Toothbrush/Addis Housewares, is still in operation even today.


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