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Effective Habits of NEET MDS Toppers

NEET MDS is a highly competitive exam which demands backbreaking hard work and focused preparation coupled with a 'never-quitting' attitude.

In this era of intense competition, our habits of studying have an enormous impact on our overall performance in the NEET MDS.

There are certain habits which make people successful in the NEET MDS exam.

This article will cast light on the habits,  which can surely place you amongst the toppers in the NEET MDS exam.


Effective Habits of NEET MDS Toppers

I. Commencing Preparation Well in Time

The extensive syllabus of the NEET MDS demands thorough preparation. It is commonly observed that a majority of the toppers commence their preparation at least 10 months prior to the exam.

Therefore, 10 months is an ideal time for a thorough NEET MDS preparation.


II. Framing a Weekly Study Schedule 

Most of the toppers rely on preparing a weekly time-table and assign a fixed number of topics to each week.  

Toppers repeat this process throughout the preparation.


III. Note-Taking

Most of the toppers rely on taking notes throughout the preparation.  They prepare notes in the form of concise and precise points. Toppers organize the notes in their own words and include all the important topics in the notes.

They also use a lot of diagrams and other graphical structures to facilitate faster understanding.

A Majority of the Toppers rely on Notes for final revision.


IV. Consistent Study and Practice

It is observed among the toppers that they devote a minimum of 10 hours each day to study. Besides studying consistently, they devote 2-3 hours each day to practicing MCQs.

Toppers rely on preparing topics and solving MCQs simultaneously.

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V. Adequate Revision

Most of the toppers consider as most vital part of preparation.

Most of the toppers rely on revising the entire syllabus at least 2 times.  This greatly helps them retain all the important concepts and information.


VI. Referring the Right Study Material

One of the best things which greatly help candidates become a Topper is the selection of the Right Study Material. 

Here is a list of books widely followed by NEET MDS Toppers:



Author Name

Pharmacology  & Pathology

Gobind Garg







Mudit Khanna & Amit Ashish



Vivek Jain

General Surgery

Review by Amit Ashish

General Medicine

Review by Mudit Khanna

Medical Books

Harrison, Robbins, Guyton/Ganong



Orthodontics & Pedodontics

Ritu Duggal 

Oral Pathology

Jatin kalra

AIPG Papers

Neeraj Wadhwan

 Dr.Naveen Choudary 


Dental Quest


VII. Attempt Mock Test Series Consistently

Attempting mock test series on a regular basis us an activity which spans every Topper’s preparation.

A Majority of the Toppers start attempting mock test series at least two months prior to the exam.

Toppers attempt a large number of sectional and full-length tests to enhance their overall performance.


Also, toppers work on their accuracy by taking speed tests.

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VIII. Frame Strategy Prior to Appearing in the Exam

Most of the Toppers plan on the amount of time to be invested to each question and decide their Minimum Targeted Attempt prior to appearing in the exam.

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IX. Efficient Time Management 

Most of the toppers rely on efficient time management to crack the exam.

Toppers learn Efficient Time Management by taking a large number of online Mock Tests and they strive to improve their Time management skills with each attempt.


Stay Tuned for the latest updates on the NEET MDS preparation!


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