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Tips to Approach Public Health Dentistry for NEET MDS 2017

Public Health Dentistry earlier known as Community dentistry is one of the upcoming fields in dentistry. With India’s basic healthcare and oral hygienic needs yet to be met, this subject is very lucrative.

However, it is a very dry subject and monotonous. So students often put it out for last and avoid it.

This article will share with you all with the Tips to Prepare Public Health Dentistry for NEET MDS 2017.


Tips to Approach Public Health Dentistry for NEET MDS 2017

I. Prepare Important Topics Associated with Dentistry in the Beginning 

You must first prepare topics such as Fluorides, pit and fissure sealants, ART, caries vaccines and Epidemiology of oral diseases.

Correlate them with the other subjects like Pedodontics, Endodontics, etc.


II. Prepare a List of the Latest Developments 

You must prepare a list of the latest developments such as the WHO themes, legal issues, Health schemes, Important days, New theories, etc.

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III. Focus more on Topics pertaining to India

You must concentrate on issues such as Rural Health Missions, Healthcare Committees, DCI, Tiers of Public Healthcare, National Surveys, etc.

Likewise Civics, prepare Flow Charts of Hierarchy so that you don’t forget the tiers.


IV. Indices, Measures, Epidemiology, Biostatistics

Assign a separate time slot to formulas like chi square, rates, mortality, morbidity, etc while studying.

Prepare these topics when you are mentally drained since they don’t require much retention.

Go through them once and practice sample questions. You must include Indices in this slot only.

However, pay attention to the scientists and doctors and the sequence in which their names appear.


V. Environmental Health, Waste Disposal, Water Purification, Causes of Diseases 

These topics should be done when the momentum of session has not been established since they make up for light reading and give one the satisfaction of completing a lot of syllabus. Consider them as EVS subjects we used to study in school.


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VI. World Health Care and Dental Public Health 

You must cover WHO, Red Cross, Delta Dental Plan, etc in one go. This way one doesn’t get confused with other topics which look alike.


VII. Public Health, Health Education

These are one of the most important topics of PHD. You must cover them on a priority and Revise them again and again since the definitions are very volatile.

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VIII. Ethics, Jurisprudence and Other topics 

These topics have to be done at last since they are volatile and unrelated to the other subjects.

Prepare them only when you have gained mastery over the other topics.


We are sure that this article would surely help you all for the NEET MDS 2017.

Stay Tuned for the latest updates!


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