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BDS Graduates often are unaware of the Top-Notch Job opportunities available in the Government Sector after BDS.

This article will enlighten all the BDS Graduates with the lucrative Government job opportunities available after completing BDS.


Top 10 Government Job Opportunities after BDS

I. Government Service/Hospital

One of the most sought after options is to apply for jobs in Government Hospitals. Exams are conducted throughout India to hire doctors/dentists as a Government Employee. This is certainly one of the most preferred jobs since it offers a highly lucrative salary, job security and above all is a low-pressure job. Further, it offers great promotional avenues.

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II. Army Dental Corps

It serves as a great opportunity for the BDS Graduates to join the Indian Army as a Dentist and serve the nation. It is one of the fantastic career options in terms of patient exposure, High perks, promotional avenues, Job stature and exposure to challenging cases in challenging conditions.

Further, Indian Army is presently the only organization in the country to offer a large number of Dental Jobs in the Government sector. You can get entry into the Army either through SSC or DPC.


III. Joining Indian Railways as Dentist

Indian Railways also frequently recruits Dental Surgeons from time to time. At times, the Appointments are Part-Time and get promoted to permanent slots after fixed periods. There is a position of a Part-Time Dental Surgeon who are hired on 1-year contractual basis. Further, the contract can be extended for 2 years.

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IV. As Teaching Faculty in State and Central Government Colleges

You can apply for Teaching Faculty jobs in both State and Central Government Dental Colleges. Both BDS and MDS can apply for Teaching jobs in Government Dental Colleges. Nowadays, teaching faculty jobs are also available on Contractual basis.

This job is one of the most preferred options since it offers lucrative perks, limited job timings, job satisfaction and less stress job.


V. Applying for Jobs in Central Government Institutes like AIIMS, Forensic Department and Agricultural Sector

The Top-Notch Medical Institutes of India such as AIIMS offer openings for both BDS and MDS professionals. BDS Graduates can be recruited as Senior Residents with lucrative salary. Jobs are also available for the MDS in different streams.

You can also apply for jobs in the Forensic Department and Agricultural Sector. You can join the Forensic Department as a Forensic Odontologist and apply for Dental Surgeon jobs in the Agricultural sector.


VI. UPSC Exam with a Chance to Join Civil Services (IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS)

One of the job opportunities which are mostly overlooked by the BDS Graduates are the UPSC Job openings. UPSC offers a wide range of job opportunities for the BDS Graduates. You must not overlook these options since this job offers lucrative perks and High Prestige and Power to bring about reforms in the society you reside in.

You can job Indian Civil Services as IAS, IPS, IFS or IRS.



VII. Territorial Officer in the Indian Army

Another option is to join the Indian Army as a Territorial Army Officer. This job offers excellent promotional avenues, High perks and is also regarded as one of the Highly Prestigious jobs.

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VIII. Research and Advisory Departments under Central Govt.

BDS Graduates having interest in the Research field can apply for jobs in the Research Departments. You can apply for the ‘Dental Research Assistant’ and ‘Dental Research Coordinator’ posts in the Research Department Recruitments.

It offers high perks and excellent promotional avenues.


IX. Joining Indian Navy and Air Force as Contractual Dental Officer

There are openings for the Dental officer posts on Contractual basis in the Indian Air Force and Navy. These jobs offer job security, high perks, high prestige, patient exposure and job satisfaction.


X. Govt. Job Opportunities in Industries Manufacturing Oral Care Products

You can also apply for job openings in Industries under the Government Sector which manufacture oral care products and medicines.

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We are sure that this article will surely acquaint you with the Government Job Opportunities available after BDS. Stay Tuned for the latest updates!

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