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NEET MDS is merely one month away and we are sure that you must be putting in enormous efforts to achieve a good score and rank in NEET MDS.

As everyone must be aware, the syllabus of NEET MDS is enormous and you need to follow a smart approach in order to secure a good rank.

To be able to secure a good rank, one needs to concentrate on only the Most Important and High-yielding Topics.


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Are you aware of the Most Important and High-Yielding Topics which constitute Majority of the exam?

This post will familiarize you with the Most Important & High-Yielding Topics from all the subjects which you must master in order to achieve a high rank in NEET MDS.

This Compact list of has been derived from intense analysis of previous year papers of AIPGDEE.

The table given below enlists the topics in descending order of priority and weight age from the examination perspective.

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The list of the High-Yielding Topics has been prepared by our Experts through rigorous analysis of previous year papers of AIPGDEE.

The topics listed under each subject have been sorted in descending order of priority and weight age, i.e. the topics at the beginning are the Most Important and Topics towards the end carry low weight age.

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Meticulously and whole-heartedly preparing the Aforelisted Topics will definitely help you achieve a High Rank and Score in NEET MDS.

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