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The NEET MDS 2016 exam has finally come to an end.

NEET MDS exam conducted over a span of four days elicited mixed responses with some sessions being quite easy while others being on the difficult side.

PrepLadder now brings forward the Overall Analysis of all the 8 sessions of NEET MDS 2017.

The Analysis will bring to light the major highlights of all the sessions of NEET MDS.

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Overall Exam Analysis of NEET MDS 2017

1. Huge Disparity and Diversity Between Different Sessions

As evident from all our analysis, there was a huge disparity and diversity between all the sessions organized over the 4 days.

While some sessions were quite easy in terms of difficulty level, some of them were extremely difficult.

Disparity was evident in many aspects.

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Major Aspects were:

Disparity in Difficulty level

While some sessions ranged between Easy to Moderate in terms of difficulty, others ranged between Moderate to Difficult.

Disparity in Decider Subjects

While Medical Subjects emerged as the Decider in some of the sessions, Dental subjects carried more weight age in other sessions.

Disparity in Type of Questions

While some sessions comprised a mix of Theoretical and Clinical questions, other contained purely theoretical questions.

Disparity in Pattern of Questions

While some sessions emphasized more on the Basic subjects, others emphasized more on Clinical subjects

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2. Image-Based Questions

Image-Based questions emerged as the major highlight across all the eight sessions.

Since only few Image-Based questions were asked in all the eight sessions and their difficulty level was ranging between Easy and Moderate which was opposite as per the predictions.

3. Direct Questions from PrepLadder’s All India Mock Exam and Mock Test Series

Another major highlight of all the 8 sessions was that near 10-15 Direct questions from PrepLadder’s Recent All India Mock Exam & Mock Test Series appeared in all the 8 sessions.

There is nothing less than a surprise that all the eight sessions of NEET MDS contained direct questions from PrepLadder’s All India Mock Exam and Mock Test Series.

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Many candidates expressed their gratitude as to how PrepLadder’s Mock Test Series and Mock Exam helped them stay ahead in the competition and boost their overall score.

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With so many disparities and diversities between the different sessions, candidates are anxious and consistently quering about how the disparity between the sessions will impact their performance and ranking.

Candidates should not get anxious since NBE utilizes Normalized Marking Scheme to cope up with the Disparity between the different sessions.

We will update you in our next blog about the Normalized Marking Scheme which NBE uses to deal with disparity between the different sessions.

Stay Tuned for More Updates!!


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