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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

What, When And How To Study For FMGE

This is probably the biggest confusion in the minds of Foreign Medical Degree Holders who want to crack FMGE.

When to start studying for FMGE?

What to study for FMGE?

How to study for FMGE?

From where to study for FMGE?

We have tried to answer the above questions in this article and since the priorities and goals are different at each stage for a medical student, we have divided the students in 4 sections from Medical 1st year to post interns.

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Studying for FMGE- How to Correlate?

Given the prestige associated with the medical profession, and the extremely challenging nature of a medical career, it’s unsurprising that Clearing FMGE is an extremely difficult task.

So here we have brought to you a blog to help you ease on the tension and buck up your study schedule.

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9 Things you should not do for FMGE prepration

Candidates can find many articles on how to prepare for FMGE, what to do, tips, strategies, tricks and what not? These topics help a lot in building the right strategy. But, however these are not sufficient because sometimes a candidate may commit some mistakes which could turn to be disastrous because things to be avoided were not mentioned anywhere. So here we are with things to be avoided at all costs while preparing for FMGE.

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Know your Preparation level. Predict your FMGE June’ 17 Result.

Preparing since a long time or started your preparation recently, giving mock tests based on the same exam pattern as the NBE exam is the only way to know where you stand.

Whether your preparation is up to the mark and will sail you through the exam without any fear or whether you need to increase your knowledge and your ability to intelligently guess an answer – All this can now be judged with PrepLadders Gateway exam.

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