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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

Latest FMGE Notification by NBE

The National Board of Examination has issued a new notification on Mon 23rd Jan, 2017.

  • This new notification is regarding the issuance of Pass Certificate to ‘Pass’ & Eligible candidates of December 2016 Screening Test.
  • The result of Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (Screening Test) conducted by NBE on 14th December 2016 has already been declared and can be seen at NBE website.

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Three Phases your FMGE Preparation must go through

You are sure to ace FMG entrance exam if your preparation goes through these 3 phases.

This is how professional athletes prepare for big tournaments. They train, taper and rest.

Turns out these phases can also be applied when preparing for competitive exams. They just need a little tweaking.

So this is how you can prepare for FMGE like a professional athlete.

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If you are waiting for the right time to start your FMGE Preparation, IT’S NOW

Motivate Yourself to start studying

Procrastination is something that we all do at some point of time. But letting procrastination overpower you can be tormenting. Applicants preparing for the FMGE might get into a serious trouble if they are unable to finish the tasks that they wish they would have completed. It is easy that all of us get stuck at some point of time without even realizing it happening.

Unknowingly when we act as an Avoider, our head is shooting us with numerous logics that it is perfectly alright to delay the task indefinitely. Unearthing these avoidance tactics is just half the battle in conquering them.

With just five months left to FMGE June 2017 session, below are the three thoughts you should keep out of your mind.

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Effective Techniques to Score good in FMGE 2017

With FMGE June Session Exam just One months away, every hour is crucial for Foreign Medical Graduate Exam Aspirants.

Toppers say that ideally one should start their preparation 6-7 months prior to the exam and throughout these 6 months one should be very dedicated and determined.

Almost every aspirant must be putting in their 100% effort, however, only a few will be able to fulfill their dreams.

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FMGE Guarantee Pack 2017- Schedule

After hosting the most competitive and acclaimed Test series for FMGE aspirants, PrepLadder is back with its Flagship Test Series for FMGE aspirants.

FMGE Guarantee Pack 2017 is launched with one vision only: Genuine Score Improvement of each student.

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