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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE 

The FMGE is a high-level screening exam of licensure nature.

Over the years, the difficulty level of the FMGE exam has substantially increased and candidates often state that the exam has attained 'post-graduate' difficulty level.

Revision is a very important part of preparation since the syllabus is vast and candidates tend to forget most of the information without adequate revision.

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Most people who have cleared FMGE in the past have stressed the importance of practice and revision. Some even say that you should not read topics at all if you won’t be able to revise them.

Our experts have devised a 3-month revision plan for FMGE which will help the candidates boost up their revision for FMGE.


Revision Tips for FMGE

1. Revise as per the Importance of Subject

You must distribute time among the different subjects as per their weight age in the exam. Devote more time to high weight age subjects and spend less time on subjects of lower weight age.

2. Revise from Notes

You must go through all the notes which you have prepared during the preparation stage. This will greatly help you in quick revision and help in retaining the information till the exam period.

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3. Refer to Blocks

We have structured our revision plan in the form of 5 blocks. Candidates are advised to take subject-wise tests after completing each block subjects.

4. Attempt MCQs and Subject-Wise Tests

Practice topic wise MCQs daily while studying for FMGE. Also attempt subject-wise tests after you finish one particular subject.

During revision, devote 5-6 hours a day for studying and 3 hours for practicing MCQs

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5. Do not Refer to New Material during Revision

Candidates are advised not to refer to new study material at this stage since this will create confusion and lead to mixing of the concepts. You must only refer to textbooks used during the preparation stage and your hand written notes.

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3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE 

SubjectDaysTotal Days
Anatomy 5 Days 15 Days
Physiology 3 Days
Biochemistry 4 Days
Catch Up 3 Days


SubjectDaysTotal Days
Pathology 5 Days 18 Days
Pharmacology 5 Days
Microbiology 3 Days
Forensic Medicine 2 Days
Catch Up 3 Days


SubjectDaysTotal Days
Ophthalmology 2 Days 14 Days
SPM 8 Days
ENT 2 Days
Catch Up 2 Days


SubjectDaysTotal Days
Medicine 12 Days 22 Days
Psychiatry 2 Days
Dermatology 2 Days
Pediatrics 2 Days
Catch Up 4 Days


SubjectDaysTotal Days
Surgery 7 Days 24 Days
Orthopaedics 2 Days
Anesthesia 2 Days
Radiology 2 Days
Gynecology 4 Days
Obstetrics 3 Days
Catch Up 4 Days


Having a plan is crucial to make your FMGE revision effective. 

You can follow this sample revision plan created by PrepLadder or make a plan according to your own strengths and needs.

All The Best!

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