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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

With merely 10 days to go for the FMGE exam, this is indeed the most crucial time for all the FMGE aspirants.

The current situation demands rigorous efforts to be put in into your preparation.

In this post, we will familiarize you with what strategy you should adopt in the final 10 days prior to FMGE.

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1.Attempt Online Mock Tests

The need of the hour is to attempt online mock tests as much as possible. Attempting more and more Mock tests will help in enhancing your overall performance and will also provide you exposure to a wide variety of questions and will help enhance aspects such as Accuracy, Speed as well as Time Management Skills.

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2.Review Performance & Strengthen your weak areas

Attempting Mock Tests does not carry any significance unless you analyze your ‘Detailed Performance’.

Identify your strong and weak areas through the ‘Detailed Analysis’.

Your focus at this point should be to strengthen your weaker areas since these can substantially impact your overall performance in the exam.

Put in your 100% efforts to attain a certain level of proficiency in your weaker areas.

3.Strive to reduce mistakes

Make sure to reduce your mistakes/errors with each subsequent Mock Test Attempt.

Attempting mock Tests will be only beneficial if you are able to reduce your mistakes/errors.

Identify your errors and strive to rectify them.

Make sure not to repeat the same mistakes again since these can cost you heavily in the final exam.

4.Solve Previous year Papers

Revise and go through at least 10 previous year papers.

Revising previous year papers will prove advantageous since questions are regularly repeated from previous year papers.

Revise the questions with explanations to facilitate better retention.

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5.Adopt a combination approach for practice

The best strategy to practice maximum number of questions in the final 10 days is to adopt a combination approach.

You can cover as many as 2000 questions in the final 10 days if you cover 200 questions per day.

The strategy is to cover 100 questions each day through Mock Tests, revise 50 questions with explanations and prepare 30 questions through Rapid Online Revision.

Try to adhere to this strategy since it will help you revise maximum number of MCQs through 3 different modes.

6.Revise important Concepts

It is of vital importance to revise and recall all the important concepts, key points, tricks, highlights, tricks and volatile terms in the final few days.

This is because you tend to forget information owing to the extensive syllabi.

Recall all the important concepts and key points again and again to ensure that they are retained till the examination period.

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7.Practise Image-Based Questions

Image-Based questions are a popular trend in FMGE over the recent years.Make it a point to practice large number of Image-Based questions.

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8.Remain Calm & Confident

It is of utmost importance not to fall prey to exam anxiety and stress. Remain calm and confident.

Maintain calm while preparing and do not succumb to exam anxiety.

9.Take proper diet & Adequate sleep

In order to extract the maximum from the limited number of days, make it a point to take energy rich foods at regular intervals.

Avoid consuming oily and junk foods since they induce sleep.

Further, make it a point to take adequate sleep in order to extract the maximum output from the limited study hours.

Effectively Implementing the Above-listed Tips will definitely help you to get through the FMG exam .

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