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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

With FMGE June Session Exam just One months away, every hour is crucial for Foreign Medical Graduate Exam Aspirants.

Toppers say that ideally one should start their preparation 6-7 months prior to the exam and throughout these 6 months one should be very dedicated and determined.

Almost every aspirant must be putting in their 100% effort, however, only a few will be able to fulfill their dreams.

Effective Techniques to Score Good in FMGE

Here is a list of Highly Effective Techniques which will help you to score above 50% in the upcoming FMGE:


1. Make a time table

The first step is always to build a time table that should be religiously followed.

A Study Plan will help you to: 

  1. Keep track of the syllabus you need to cover before the final exam
  2. Track your overall progress 
  3. Help you decide if you need to spend more time on any particular subject

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2. Do not leave any scope for silly mistakes.

Silly mistakes are the questions that you would’ve answered correctly on some other day. These mistakes can cost you some crucial marks because you lose marks on something you have read.

You only get one chance to give your 100%.  So you need to weed out your silly mistakes before you take FMGE 2017.

Attempt 2-3 Mock Tests each week during the final two months.

Thoroughly review your performance after each Mock test. Strive to enhance your Time Management skills and Accuracy with each subsequent attempt.

Make all the mistakes in these mock tests, so that the real FMGE is your best attempt.

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3. Practice Image-Based Questions

Image-Based questions carry a substantial weight age in the FMGE as well, and can increase or decrease your chances of getting a good score.

Therefore, it is essential to practice Images simultaneously while preparing the theoretical part.


4. Follow Tips from Previous Year Toppers

Go through several Success stories of previous year high scorers and observe various aspects such as the Preparation Strategy followed by them, Books followed by them, how they enhance their Time Management skills & Accuracy, their Exam Attempt strategy, etc.

We regularly post a lot of topper interviews from our alumni at PrepLadder.


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5. Streamline your Preparation

You must emphasize on studying and revising the Most Important Topics. Do not waste time in studying everything.

Thoroughly keep revising and re-revising all the important topics, concepts, key points, notes and highlights.


6. Practice Questions that you frequently tend to get wrong

Mark the questions that you mark wrong and keep revising them every week.

PrepLadder is the only platform with a data driven software that analyzes behavior of our thousands of users and can provide you questions that other aspirants answer wrong.

You will also be able to mark any question for revision later. All the “marked for revision” questions will be available for you to revise easily for the entire year.


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Effectively implementing the above-listed Strategies will definitely assist you in securing a good score in FMGE June 2017.  

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All The Best :)

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