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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

Given the prestige associated with the medical profession, and the extremely challenging nature of a medical career, it’s unsurprising that Clearing FMGE is an extremely difficult task.

So here we have brought to you a blog to help you ease on the tension and buck up your study schedule.


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Correlating Subjects

The easiest way to study a subject and accomplish the herculean task of retaining it is to correlate it with the topics read earlier.

Here is the list of Subjects and Topics that you should study one after the other in the order given below to help you correlate topics from one subject with the other and retain all the information for a long time.


Start your preparation first with the Basic Subject of ANATOMY.

After completing Anatomy skip to ORTHOPEDICS. This will help you revise the nerves and joints studied in Anatomy.
After Orthopedics move to SURGERY so that you have an orientation of the abdomen.

Now start preparing PHYSIOLOGY.

After this switch to PATHOLOGY which can be correlated with the physiology you have studied earlier.

This should be followed by PHARMACOLOGY

After Pharma and Patho move to MEDICINE

The subject to be studied next is MICROBIOLOGY so that infectious diseases can be revised easily.
Next is PSM so you can revise vaccines.


The subjects to be studied subsequently are FORENSIC MEDICINE AND TOXICOLOGY,

ENT and




After finishing with Biochem move to PEDIATRICS as the disorders and syndromes can now be understood better.



Now, the remaining subjects of RADIOLOGY,


SKIN and

ANESTHESIA are to be studied.


We hope this Blog was useful.

Stay tuned for more preparation hacks and exam related information.

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All the Best!!

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