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Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

In this blog, we would like to discuss about discriminative questions along with a solution to tackle those types of questions.


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Discriminative questions : Discriminative questions are defined as the questions which differentiate between an average student and an above-average candidate.

Discrimination score : Discrimination score refers to the ability of the question to differentiate between an average student and an above-average candidate.


With the use of following graphical representation, the Discrimination Score can be explained by :


In this graph, it is found  that the tougher a question, the better is its ability to differentiate the level of preparation but it is only happen within a physiological limit because beyond a limit, a very difficult question cannot be answered even by the highest rankers and as a result, it is useless to set apart the rankers.

For example,

These types of questions fall in to the highest difficulty level at the cost of the discrimination score; such questions are unlikely to affect the final score significantly.


How to attempt these questions :

As per the above analysis, it is observed that the most valued questions are the ones towards the dome of the curve with a moderate difficulty level but these contain a high discriminatory score. These questions are not the odd questions from obscure research papers whereas these are the tricky questions, appearing from frequently covered topics of clinical postings and coaching classes.

Question will be asked on one of these topics  which are frequently study and the option will carry one or the other “key phrase’’ which students  have trained themselves to associate with the given topic.

However, the question is framed in such a way that this “key phrase” is not the answer to the question. As a result, high discrimination score is observed for such questions because well prepared students will read the question carefully and understand its meaning   but an average student will wrongly mark the “key phrase” as the answer since they have trained their minds in a condition response about something they already learned.

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