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One of the hardest decisions in your career begins at the end of MBBS when you have to start thinking about which specialty to pursue. With over 60 specialties and over 30 subspecialties to consider after MBBS, it can be a tough choice. Most people start narrowing down their preferences in the third prof when you get to experience what actually happens in the various medical specialties. You rotate through Surgery. Internal Medicine. SPM. Anaesthesia, Psychiatry, etc. During the internship, you’re supposed to be narrowing it down to your most likely options.

Most people think that there are no options for MBBS graduates apart from clinical and teaching practices. This is a wrong perception since medicine these days is as vast as any other field and options are numerous. Here we list 10 career options for you that you can choose from post MBBS.

Dear students, as you are all aware of the national emergency India is facing due to COVID-19, the disruption in logistics supply chains has been massive. Courier partners are working with skeletal staff and the government has issued strict orders to give precedence to Essential items such as medicines and PPEs. 

We are doing our best to ensure that students receive their notes on priority and as soon as possible.

Please check back on this blog post for updated information daily regarding notes dispatch.

To pursue post-graduation after an MBBS requires hard-work and needs sheer determination coupled with commitment towards one's goal to build a successful career. To succeed in the medical profession one needs to have a good post-graduation specialization degree( MD or MS). There are around 40 medical specializations that a candidate can choose from. But, this solely depends on their rank in the NEET-PG examination. So, a NEET-PG 2020 aspirant must get a high rank to get the specialty of their choice. This blog is your ultimate guide for NEET-PG medical entrance exam preparation.