Here is important news for all the MBBS doctors seeking admission to MD/MS program through NEET-PG Entrance for April 2021 session. After a long wait, online Registrations for MD/MS April 2021 session have now begun.

We will now familiarize you with the important details regarding NEET-PG Entrance for April 2021 session.

Notes play a very important role in medical PG exam preparation. Better notes will help you remember concepts, develop meaningful learning skills, and gain a better understanding of a topic. Effective notes will even lead to less stress when exams come around!

So, keeping that in mind, PrepLadder team has created the 2021 Dream Notes. Our notes this year include everything you need to ace Medical PG & FMG Exams. It’s the best resource for medical PG and FMG aspirants. They are Clinical, Integrated, and NEXT Ready. The new improved 2021 Dream Notes notes give you an entirely new learning experience. They’ve been updated to perfectly complement the 2021 video lectures by the Dream Team. 


2021 is an opportunity to start afresh by setting new goals, and at PrepLadder, our goal and theme this year is going to be ‘Own Your Dream’. Our 2021 Dream Pack includes everything you need to ace Medical PG & FMG Exams. 'The' best ever resource for medical PG and FMG aspirants. Clinical, Integrated, NEXT Ready.

Get a completely new learning experience with the 2021 Dream Notes. This year, the notes are based on the updated 2021 video lectures by the Dream Team. Complimenting completely with the video lectures, the notes will also promote an integrated learning experience.

PrepLadder’s 2021 Dream Pack is an all-in-one comprehensive, effective, and carefully designed learning resource that yields results. It includes Clinical Essentials, Updated Video Lectures, Integrated QBank, Treasures, and much more. In short, it’s what you need to claim your dream PG seat. 

This blog is to help you out with the refund policy of the Dream Pack for NEET-PG and FMGE students.


According to a recently conducted medical study on the Use of Online Clinical Videos for Clinical Skills Training for medical students, confirmed: “the overall positive impact of clinical videos on student learning. Interactive tools and using of mobile devices help students make more effective use of these resources”.

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