As a surgeon, you’ll be specialized to operate on patients to repair injuries, abnormalities, and conduct rehabilitation procedures for such patients. You have options to specialize in fields such as orthopedic, cardiothoracic, or neurological and also perform advisory roles in the same. Nowadays, surgeons have minimized their efforts on cutting and have started using new technologies such as scopes and lasers. Their work is also getting transformed with 3D printed implants with layers of living cells and robots conducting micro-surgeries. Thus, there has been a significant advancement of technology in this field which is towards reducing errors in judgment.

With technology making its way in this field, surgery is becoming an area with sophisticated technology. With new specialization such as Reconstructive Surgery, surgeons have to be on their toes to deliver without any errors. If you have the zeal to adapt to contemporary practices, then this is the branch for you.

We usually get numerous queries from the student enquiring about the career prospects of various branches. To put an end to all your Surgery queries, we approached Dr. Pritesh Singh, our leading surgery faculty to guide our students with Pros & Cons of choosing Surgery as a career option. 

Technological advancements are a stepping stone for the success of any company.

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The government on 14th July, Tuesday decided to reduce the cut-off percentile for Medical PG seats by 20th percentile after receiving the complaints from a large number of medical colleges that thousands of seats are still vacant in their colleges.

Are you wondering how to crack the NEET-PG exam in the first attempt? If you’re on a lookout for some tips and tricks to get through the exam in the first attempt, then you’ve landed at the right place. 

A NEET-PG aspirant has many advisors who are eager to give them tips and tricks to help them crack NEET PG in the first attempt. Their tips and tricks include: Knowing the examination pattern as well as the entire syllabus well, referring to a lot of study portals, etc. Then, there are others that emphasize the importance of building a proper time-table and focusing on your weaker topics to master them to crack NEET PG in the first attempt.

But our question is if doing all that’s sufficient to crack NEET PG? 

Time crunch during the NEET-PG preparation and examination have been cited by many aspirants as a great hurdle in the exam. The NEET-PG exam tests one's knowledge of theoretical medicine, the ability to arrive at a clinical diagnosis, and quick decision skills. Your decisive skills are put to test in a fast-paced exam.