With the NEET PG 2020 exams finally over, one must now be in confusion about what to do next? Now that the exam that you had been stressing over for a long time is out of the picture, you must be wondering about your next step. 

Well, even though some might want to focus on another goal or take up another endeavor; the best thing to do would be to let your mind and body relax by giving it some time to recover from all the stress it has faced since the time you started your NEET PG exam preparation. 

Stress has a lot of adverse effects on your body by the release of certain chemicals that can lower your immune responses, thus making you more susceptible to diseases. So, here are a few recovery tips that will help you to relax after the exam.

Many candidates who took NEET-PG exam have reviewed it as being lengthy.

Here is the detailed information gathered from the candidates which will help you to understand how the exam was for others.

10,000+ candidates took PrepLadder survey. All the responses have been consolidated so as to give you an accurate picture of the exam standard.

There goes the clock ticking with just two days left for the big day; the arrival of the NEET PG 2020 examination. Since it’s very common for the students to get bogged down during these times, one needs to remember that your psychological state dictates the majority of your output in the exams.

As we are just two days away from one of the most crucial days of our career, NEET PG exam, here are a few stress busters which will help to keep you calm and composed to execute properly and efficiently everything that you’ve studied for your NEET PG. 

Taking an exam isn’t just about studying, it is more about confidence. Some candidates feel nervous, some curious, some bewildered, some anxious. Exam anxiety is the experience of feeling an intense moment of fear or panic before or during the exam.

Stress is a temporary effect that could be beneficial if one decides to gear himself up for the challenge ahead or it could be devastating if it is allowed to overpower your capability.

Through this blog, we will see a few techniques that will help you overcome stress and perform well.

We all are aware that NBE conducts NEET-PG in a single window & incorporated the negative marking system in NEET-PG from NEET Jan 2018 session onwards.

Basically, the main objective behind the incorporation of negative marking system is to minimize and penalize the ‘guess factor’ which is inherent in MCQs. This system is surely beneficial for genuine candidates who work really hard to achieve what they desire.