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The Secret Path to Success in PGMEE Finally Revealed



PGMEE (Post Graduation Medical entrance examination) constitutes of the various entrance examinations conducted nationwide as a gateway to Medical Post graduation degree programme. These examinations are considered to be very hard and only small proportion of the aspirants appearing for the exam make it to the PG Seat in Government Colleges. But don't panic because PrepLadder is going to reveal the secret path that was only known to few. The path that will lead to assured success, if you stick to the plan. 

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If you've done MBBS, this is something you'll have to do. The sooner, the better.

If you're only an MBBS graduate you probably already know that you have to crack PGMEE by hook or by crook. But let us still talk about why you need to do this.

If you practice with only MBBS degree in a private hospital your career growth will be only around 5-10% a year and you'll never move up the hierarchy. As sad as it is but it's the truth. MBBS alone doesn't give you any exclusive value these days.

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Average student's guide to getting a Clinical PG seat in Govt college

Read this article if you relate to these first few lines..

You got into MBBS with great difficulty and thought you would study hard and excel in medicine but during MBBS you somehow got carried away. You haven't been a topper during grad school and honestly speaking, you haven't been doing the kind of hard work that is needed, you study two months before exam or sometimes may be just one month and get enough marks to just pass.

But you do realize that you want to get through PG entrance and you know your current level of preparation will get you nowhere..

Sounds familiar? Then this article is for you.. Read on.

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Philips Lumify- A boon for the world, a worry for India


What is Philips Lumify?

Philips has unveiled a new ultrasound system that uses your own smart phone as the display and interface. Royal Philips in the November 2015 announced that Lumify, a smart device ultrasound solution, is available for purchase by the licensed healthcare providers or organizations in the U.S. The Philips Lumify looks just like a typical transducer, but it has a micro-USB plug on the far end.

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