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How to Prepare PSM for Medical PG Entrance exams

PSM is an important part of Medical PG Entrance.

Most aspirants find PSM(or SPM or CPM or Community medicine) very boring and very vast.

Our experts have devised this article which will cast light on the important topics of PSM for Medical PG Entrance and help you develop some interest in the subject.

How to prepare Surgery for PG Entrance exams

Surgery is essentially an important aspect of Medical PG entrance owing to its high weight age in entrance exams.

Owing to the vast syllabi of Surgery, it is impossible to remember everything during the exam. Therefore, a selective study is the best approach to prepare Surgery for Medical PG entrance.

This article will highlight the approach which should be followed while preparing for Surgery and the important topics of Surgery from Medical PG exam perspective.

How to Prepare Biochemistry for Medical PG Entrance

Bio-chemistry is a high scoring section. It is the most scoring subject among all 3 first prof subjects.

In this article, Prepladder summarises the strategies shared by Toppers on how to prepare Biochemistry for Medical PG Entrance.

Bio-chemistry does not change with time, there are no updates in Bio-chemistry and questions are often direct.

How  to Prepare Physiology for PG Entrance exams 

Physiology is an important section of Medical PG entrance exam.

In an exclusive interview conducted by PrepLadder, Toppers and Experts share their views on how to prepare Physiology for Medical PG entrance.

Below are the excerpts from the interview......

  • Toppers’ shared that Physiology is essentially an important section of Medical PG entrance
  • Experts added that you can excel in this section only if you focus on how you read rather than what you read.
  • They further added that Physiology is indeed, highly linked to medicine