There have been a number of rumors about NEET PG 2017 exam since it will be conducted after a long break. Serious candidates are wasting a lot of time analyzing what is true and what is false. Here is an attempt by Team PrepLadder to bust all such rumors floating around based on what Mr. J. P. Nadda has said.

How to answer Clinical questions in PG entrance exams?

Clinical questions test you on how well you can apply your knowledge gained from studying books in a clinical scenario.

They are very different from a one liners question in many ways.

With the application of NEET PG you can expect to see a lot more clinical questions in exam than previous years.

How I jumped more than 3,300 ranks in AIPGMEE 2016 to get my dream PG seat

We wanted to know what is special about a few selected candidates who crack AIPGMEE with flying colors. Is it some sort of inspiration, strategy, love for the medicine or just luck?

They say that “Successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

We wanted to find out how true this old saying is.

How to prepare Gynaecology & Obstetrics for PG entrance exams

Gynaecology & Obstetrics the two vast subjects clubbed together under one.

Studying everything in this subject is not possible during profs or during PG preparation. Mostly because you need to dedicate most of your time to Medicine and Surgery.

Keep a selective approach for Gynaecology Obstetrics. Studying only the selected topics in this subject is enough.

In this article we will discuss all the important topics in Gynaecology and obstetrics that are sufficient to tackle questions in any PG medical entrance exam.

How to prepare Pharmacology for PG entrance exams

Pharmacology is a very vast subject and to study it for university exams you need to memorize a lot of things. And by the time Medical students complete their final internship year, pharmacology is almost forgotten.

But don’t worry, this is not a problem only with you, almost all the med students forget it.