About NEET

In a significant move, Union Health Ministry had approved the Medical Council of India's (MCI) recommendation for an amendment to the Indian Medical Council (IMC) Act that empowered it to hold a nationwide common medical entrance test for MBBS, BDS and post-graduate medical courses in both government and private institutions.

One of the hardest decisions in your career begins at the end of MBBS, when you have to start thinking about which specialty to pursue. With over 60 specialties and over 30 subspecialties to consider after MBBS, it can be a tough choice. Most people start narrowing down their preferences in third prof when you get to experience what actually happens in the various medical specialties. You rotate through Surgery. You rotate through Internal Medicine. You rotate through SPM. You rotate through Anaesthesia. You rotate through Psychiatry. During internship, you’re supposed to be narrowing it down to your most likely options.

We all remember buying our first stethoscopes, we couldn't recognise any bowel/heart/respiratory sound then but we still paraded around in wards hanging it around our neck.

And to be honest we still feel a sense of pride when we accessorize with a Littmann while in hospital. We love it, adore it and get sad if we lose it.

But where did it all begin?

Schedule of a medical student

A medical student during his grad course wakes up with the earliest rays of sunrise, he has a table attached to his bed, he freshen up and lifts up the pen bookmarked in the books. He tries to race with the words of the book to build up understanding with the leftovers of the aftermath he did yesterday. After breakfast, there are the long tiring lectures, followed by lunch and the library date. Some more studies. 10- 16 long hours of study, absence of movies, trips and hangouts strike the mind in the times when friends of other stream are having fun. Med students have to compromise fun and sleep with studies.

Are you nervous with your final year MBBS exams? Don’t know when to start the preparation for the final year MBBS exams? Then read this article to gain confidence and strategy for clearing the final year. Beginning of preparation for Final year ideally starts after second prof exams, but it’s never late.
But why is the final exam so important?