NEET PG will be way more competitive that AIPG ever was. More than 1 lakh competitors are expected to take NEET PG this year, whereas AIPG was taken by only 75,000 candidates. Why is it that most of the candidates fail to clear the exam? In this post we will cover the reasons. Experts at PrepLadder will give you a few substantial reasons on why aspirants are not able to get an MD/MS seat of their choice in their first or second attempt.

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Since the syllabus for PGMEE is very vast, nobody can possibly know everything about every topic. So the question stands on how you should study for the most important exam of your life.

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A study plan is the first thing you need to manage PGMEE preparations and your internships, job or private practice. A doctor’s profession demands a lot of hardwork and dedication. Without a custom study plan, it is next to impossible to stay on track for PGMEE preparation.

Since the exam has changed, so has the way people prepare. So what is it that over 12,000 doctors are doing to prepare for PGMEE that you are missing out on?

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