9 hacks for better PG Medical Entrance Exams Preparation 

This article is a compilation of the 9 important hacks to help you prepare for PGMEE better than your competitors.

These hacks are prepared by our experienced faculty and if implemented properly, these will ensure your success in various PGMEEs.

This is probably the biggest confusion in the minds of MBBS students and MBBS grads.

When to start studying for NEET PG?

What to study for NEET PG?

How to study for NEET PG?

From where to study for NEET PG?

We have tried to answer the above questions in this article and since the priorities and goals are different at each stage of MBBS, we have divided the students in 4 sections from MBBS 1st year to post interns.

How to motivate yourself to start AIPGMEE preparation

Procrastination is something that we all do at some point of time. But letting procrastination overpower you can be tormenting. Applicants preparing for the NEET PG might get into a serious trouble if they are unable to finish the tasks that they wish they would have completed. It is easy that all of us get stuck at some point of time without even realizing it happening.

 10 study tips to make sure you crack NEET PG this year

NEET PG will be the only exam for admissions in medical PG courses this year. Some will clear it and some won’t.

Don't let all your efforts go waste. Use these 10 tips to make sure you get the maximum output from your study hours and stay ahead of the competition.

These tips will help you develop a fruitful learning strategy and ascertain your success in NEET PG this year.

If you aim to get a PG seat this year and are just starting your preparation, you must read this bog.

The number of applicants for NEET PG are increasing every year and the competition is getting tougher. More than 1.16 lakh aspirants competed in NEET PG for a few thousand seats this year.

Almost every competitor works hard but to get your desired seat in a government college you need to work smart.