The only factor that makes a difference in the percentile and finally getting a seat is how comfortably you attempt your exam. A student who has prepared well but is not comfortable in the exam environment will not be able to perform well.

With various PGMEE going online and becoming more and more competitive, you need to get prepared for the common problems faced by Medical PG aspirants.

Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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Textbooks Preparation vs. Online Preparations

Almost all the students read textbooks and solve questions from a book. Not more than 10% of students prepare online. Reading a book and reading on a computer are two different things. So, when the exam is on a computer, a student must learn to read on a computer screen. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to concentrate during the exam for such long durations.


Before Exam - Practice Online

Students are not familiar with the exam pattern. A student who is sitting for the exam and has not prepared on the original software will find it very difficult to use it. Do you want to waste your time in finding how to save your answer and go to the next question? Click here to practice on the original exam software before going for the test for free.


The value of knowing to use the Exam Software

Now, if students are unable to use the software in the exam, the performance will drop and the students will not be able to give their 100% and those who were familiar with the pattern get an edge and will ultimately get their preferred clinical seat.


Online Platform – Not user Friendly

The online platform where the test is conducted is not user friendly. The aspirer should invest in a good online test series so that he can familiarize himself with the actual format of the examination software.


Questions are attempted in the order in which they appear

Candidates who are not well versed with online platform keep attempting the questions in the order in which they appear, unknowingly ignoring, the easy type of questions that lie towards the end of the examination. Scanning the entire paper quickly is not easy when a test is being conducted online.


Improper Time Management

After the examination, Candidates are found to be mentioning the fact that they did not have ample time to answer most of the questions. So, for Judicious Time Management, Candidates need a definite approach/strategy and extensive practice to be able to manage time in clearing AIPGMEE exam.


Vastness of Syllabus

Syllabus in AIPGMEE is too vast to be covered. Students are often seen struggling to cover the vast syllabus AIPGMEE has along with their medical job or internship. Here are 10 tips for MBBS interns preparing for PGMEE


Therefore, to overcome these problems and perform well in the exam, start preparing now. Remember revision and practice is much more important than the initial preparation itself. Also, make yourself familiar with the software so that you get no surprises in the examination centre.


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Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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