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How  to Prepare Physiology for PG Entrance exams 

Physiology is an important section of Medical PG entrance exam.

In an exclusive interview conducted by PrepLadder, Toppers and Experts share their views on how to prepare Physiology for Medical PG entrance.

Below are the excerpts from the interview......

  • Toppers’ shared that Physiology is essentially an important section of Medical PG entrance
  • Experts added that you can excel in this section only if you focus on how you read rather than what you read.
  • They further added that Physiology is indeed, highly linked to medicine

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Topic-Wise Weight Age for Medical PG Entrance exams

  1. General Physiology
  • Experts shared that one of the most important topics in Physiology section is General Physiology. Since individual system physiology is also covered in medicine but General Physiology is not.
  • Aspirants must emphasise on topics like cellular basics like Diffusion and transport mechanisms etc under General Physiology
  1. Nerve- Muscle Physiology
  • Most important topic in Physiology as per the experts is Nerve Muscle Physiology.
  • Toppers highlighted that at least one question is asked from topics like the generation of Action Potential and Types of fibres under Nerve Muscle Physiology
  • Do not confuse Nerve muscle physiology with entire neuro physiology. You do not need to study the entire neuro physiology.
  • Generation of action potentials, gamma fibres, alpha fibres, muscle spindle physiology are all very important topics.
  • Under Muscle spindle physiology you must not miss out on basic anatomical constituents and innervation.
  • Knee jerk, withdrawal reflex, reciprocal inhibition, size principal, plasticity of muscle fibres are all very important.


For AIIMS Entrance make your concepts strong

  • Topics like α-γ co- activation fibres, working of static fibres and dynamic fibres, Rheobase, Chronnaxiae and mechanism by which heat generation takes place, etc must be thoroughly prepared.
  1. Exercise Physiology
  • Experts highlighted that Exercise Physiology also carries high weight age in Medical PG entrance. This is a topic that most people tend to miss.
  1. Other important topics in Neuro Physiology are are Memory, Learning and Speech
  • Under Sleep Study, questions have been asked from EEG since the last 4 years consecutively
  • Aspirants need to know how to compare EOG, EMG and EEG for normal awake state, deep sleep and REM sleep.
  1. CVS
  • Conduction Physiology, Cardiac Cycle
  • Hypoxia, Spirometry, Oxygen Dissociation Curve, Altitude Physiology 
  1. RENAL 
  • Nephron Physiology
  • Hormones , Reproductive Physiology 

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Scoring Order of first year subjects

Experts and toppers added that the most scoring first year subject is Biochemistry followed by Anatomy and least scoring is Physiology since you tend to forget it.

But you should still not miss out on any question asked from the above mentioned topics.

If you prepare the above mentioned topics properly you will score well in Physiology in any PG entrance exam.

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India's most competitive test series for Medical PG exams

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