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We've made a tool for you to understand which specialty went for what rank in counseling results of 2018. This will help you set targets for NEET PG.


How to use this tool..?? 

Candidates are required to select a category and a branch/discipline from the drop-down menu and click on the Submit button.

This system will display the Last AIR & minimum marks in that category to which the corresponding branch was allotted in Round-1 and Round-2 Counseling for NEET PG 2018.


Predict your Rank & Marks to achieve your dream branch

*only the seats allotted under All India Quota (AIQ) have been considered for this tool.

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Please understand that this info is only supposed to help you set targets for yourself according to 2018 counseling result.

The ranks/marks that get any particular branch will vary in 2019.

Hope this effort of ours proves helpful for all.


Stay tuned for more updates..

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