Are you finding it difficult to manage your Biochem preparations??

Want to know what should be the correct approach to prepare Biochem in an easy & quick manner?

Many students come up to us with the 2 basic queries regarding Biochem prep:

i) How biochemistry could be done in an easy, quick, short & effective way?

ii) I have recently subscribed to the Biochem App and I am following a pattern of seeing videos first and then writing notes. But it is very much time-consuming. Please suggest the correct approach!

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PrepLadder asked help from ace Biochemistry faculty Dr. Smily Pruthi to answer the Frequently Asked Questions by the students.

Dr. Smily Pruthi MBBS, MD, is the Author of the best-selling book “Conceptual Review of Biochemistry/ CRO Biochemistry”. In her years of experience, she has helped thousands of UG, PG and FMGE aspirants.

She suggests the following approach of studying biochemistry in an easy manner:

  • Watch all videos of the app in a sequence (my sequence is well planned).
  • Use my book (written in the easy language) instead of making all notes.
  • Make notes only of those topics, which seems very difficult for you. Otherwise, add notes in the book only. Writing notes is always time-consuming.
  • The sequence of topics in book & APP is 90 % same.
  • Solve questions from book & APP (more PRACTICE questions in APP present )
  • It can save your time & you can do this subject in 15-20 days, with 3-4 revisions.
  • Just before the exam, you can then do revision in just 1 day.
  • No need to do rare topics as they are not rank deciding. Only do conceptual & frequently asked things of biochemistry (don’t start doing Ph.D. of biochemistry). Do that much which is just sufficient for your exam.
  • You can increase the speed of video lectures in APP for the second revision.  



Book: Conceptual Review of Biochemistry  (CRO- Biochemistry) – 2nd edition (Coming Soon in Feb 2019)

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