It is rightly said that “Reading is the window to the world”. Reading is what gives you the room to widen your knowledge and gain an understanding of the concepts unknown to you. Moreover, reading has the power to change your perspective to look at things from a different point of view, thus, illuminating your entire being.  

Who doesn’t like a comfortable and cozy place to study? Well, PrepLadder brings to you PrepSpace your homely education study room in Delhi, specially designed keeping you in mind. PrepSpace is your one-stop destination to help you in your entrance exam preparation especially NEET exam preparation

Just think about a place where you will feel welcomed and encouraged to prepare well in your NEET preparation. Well, that place is PrepSpace which will help you reach heights in your medical exam. 

PrepSpace provides more than just books, and other technology, rather it is a platform to learn and grow. So, it would be rightful to say that it’s a haven for all the students preparing for NEET PG 2021, or Dental PG, and other entrance exams. Reach heights by making PrepSpace your number 1 hub of learning. 

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Why choose PrepSpace?

Given below are a few reasons why you should choose PrepSpace by PrepLadder as your reading room for your entrance exam preparation:


Free Wi-Fi: 

With the technological outburst, it seems next to impossible to go about our daily routine without an internet connection. PrepSpace has made learning easier for you by providing free Wi-Fi which will enable a NEET-PG aspirant to watch online study videos and e-books with ease. 

Why wait any longer? When you can make the most of your PrepSpace with the help of free Wi-Fi which will help you achieve an outstanding rank in your medical examination.

Moreover, it will help you save a lot on data changes and go about your internet-related task on your mobile or tablets at a decent speed. This will help to increase your productivity. 


Great infrastructure:

A beautiful infrastructure is one of the major crucial elements in a learning environment which promotes growth. Many have seen that a top-notch infrastructure facilitates improved instruction along with NEET aspirant outcomes.

Also, it helps in reducing the student dropout rates and much more. Who doesn’t like a wonderful looking, and cozy space to study? We all love it, doesn’t it? PrepSpace offers you a great infrastructure that will help to create a refreshing environment for you to study for your medical exam and reach heights. 


Comfortable chairs:

Individuals have different positions in which they sit. Some sit upright and slouched and then there are others that like straddling their seats in a comfy position. Students spend most of their time sitting on them, preparing for their medical exam and it can be very difficult to concentrate if the seats aren’t comfortable. 

PrepSpace was built by keeping you alone in mind to meet the ergonomic standards. So, make the most of your time by improving your learning and reaching new heights by choosing PrepSpace. 


Good Ambience: 

The reader-friendly environment along with some other factors plays a crucial role in creating a space that promotes growth and learning. Most students ask the following questions before choosing a study space for themselves.

They consider whether the study space is welcoming for students, does it inspire or support or encourage them to read with pleasure? Is it a comfortable and safe place with all the resources that they need to study?

Well, PrepSpace has answered all of your questions by providing for you an environment that is safe and sound for you to study peacefully. Moreover, it is packed with all the resources that a NEET aspirant would require to carry out their medical exam preparation successfully.

So, it is rightful to say that PrepSpace by PrepLadder is your one-stop destination to meet your NEET-PG examination requirements. 


Refresh yourself

Who wouldn’t like to sip on a hot cup of coffee? Well, we all are aware of how exhausting the NEET exam preparation can get at times. But, do not you worry as PrepSpace brings another thing to refresh you, rejuvenate you to kick start your medical exam preparation.

Sip in a hot cup of coffee when on a break or when you feel mentally drained. This will help to refresh your mind, body, and soul.  


All in one:

 The PrepSpace has resources available for candidates preparing for:

  •  Medical PG
  •  Dental PG
  •  FMGE
  •  Super-specialty
  •  USMLE
  •  UPSE CMS and other exams


Membership plans:

PrepSpace gives you the liberty to choose from three membership plans:

Gold: The duration of the gold membership is for 5-6 months. 

Silver: The duration of the silver membership is for 3-4 months. 

Bronze: The duration of the bronze membership is for 1-2 months. 

Why wait any longer? When you can make the most of the space that you deserve while preparing for your entrance exams. Grab hold of the best place, ambiance, seating arrangement, and all other resources that one would require to crack their entrance exam with flying colors. 


Looking for PrepSpace?

Its located at 176A, 1st and 2nd floor, Prajapat Nagar, New Delhi, Opposite B2, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi 110049

Phone: +91-6239591517   

Get your membership today, and avail up to a 10% discount:

*Your PrepSpace will remain closed till the 16th of March, 2020 due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. We are concerned about your safety*. 

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