NBE PGMEE preparation of medical students ends up in a fiasco near to Exams. Now, there are ‘n’ number of reasons for the failed efforts towards preparations. Various unforeseen circumstances, procrastination, work schedule, heavy internship work, etc. can be the potential reasons towards failure in preparations.

Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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1. Pick out the topics

PGMEE aspirants should spend one or two days to make a list of topics that got to be covered in each of the subjects. You will see that it would bring out some worthy results. You could also and refer to some of the advanced revision websites like PrepLadder.


2. Go through your Notes and Highlights

We are sure you must have been making notes and highlighting texts in your text book. Towards the end, make sure you have time to skim through the main notes and highlighted texts. You don’t have to be a perfectionist and revise each and everything in detail. For PGMEE Exam it is good enough, even if you have highlighted only a few topics.

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3. Use your discretion to choose the good websites and Right books for excellent results

A few PGMEE Aspirants make a big mistake of participating in open forums. Although Open Forums have the advantage of coming up with good questions but they also have a disadvantage of contradicting views and information that could greatly reduce your tendency to memorize things. Moreover, most of the popular forums are not that genuine. In that case, you can rely on standard reference textbooks or places where standard references are quoted. Looking for references associated with every question will give you a feel of authenticity and make the given information sound more original.


4. Take appropriate and time bound breaks between Topics

PGMEE Aspirants must take breaks between the subjects and topics during the preparations. Do something that relaxes you or take nap in between of almost 30 minutes. It really becomes tough when you have to learn more than 15 subjects. Breaks work like recharging your exhausted battery.

You could also resort to light food like fruits or light snacks in between 3 main meals to keep your energy levels high and robust. 3 small main meals will keep the tiredness at bay and improve your focus.


5. Evaluate your Topics

You can find new points and connections when you review the topic after the break. It will enhance the memory of the topics that you studied plus will lead to effective learning. You can make this to be a mental exercise which can be repeated after each of the topics. At least, sleep for 6-8 hours especially during the last month before the exam.

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Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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6. Go by the 80/20 Rule

80/20 rule is simply means that 80% of your output or productivity comes from 20 % of the inputs. Remaining 80% of the work is not usually that high –yielding for NBE PGMEE results. Having said that, we would also ask you to cover large number of questions per day during the last month of your preparation.


7. What works well for PGMEE Preparation – Combination Approach

By combination approach we mean is a certain number of questions are to be done as mock test questions, a few others as questions revised with explanations and the rest others are to be prepared as rapid online revision questions.


Suppose you do 150 questions per day, you would do 4500 questions per month. Make the use of best in every approach. A recent topper in AIIMS PG exam expounded that he used a combination approach to cover at least 190 questions per day. He revised 50 questions with explanations making it to be 1500 MCQs per month; he then did 40 questions as rapid online revision making it to be 1200 questions per month. He also did 3000 questions as exam practice questions which means he covered 5000 MCQ questions in the last month. Consider the fact that AIIMS and NBE PGMEE are comparable in terms of competition but the difficulty level of MCQs vary.


It takes judicious time management, ample dedication and great deal of organization to grab a respectable PG seat in your selected specialty in last month of PGMEE Preparation. We here at PrepLadder wish you All the Best for your online NBE PGMEE Exam 2016.

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Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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