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NEET PG 2017 is around the corner and every minute is crucial for Medical PG aspirants. Almost every aspirant must be putting in their 100% effort, however, only a few will be able to fulfill their dreams.

To be able to get a clinical seat in national counseling (for un-reserved category), you must aim an AIR below 5,000. To guide you on how to secure that AIR, PrepLadder Experts have compiled these tips that you must use in the final few days.

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Effective Techniques to Secure an AIR below 5,000 in NEET PG

Here is a list of Highly Effective Techniques implementing which will help you to score an AIR below 5,000 in the upcoming NEET PG:


1. Do not leave any scope for silly mistakes.

Silly mistakes are the questions that you would’ve answered correctly on some other day. These mistakes can cost you a seat because you lose marks on something you have read.

You only get one chance to give your 100%. There are no state exams and no other deemed university exams. So you need to weed out your silly mistakes before you take NEET PG.

Attempt 4-5 Mock Tests each week during the final one month.

Thoroughly review your performance after each Mock test. Strive to enhance your Time Management skills and Accuracy with each subsequent attempt. Also analyze your ranking which will help you perform a fair competitive analysis.

Make all the mistakes in these mock tests, so that the real NEET PG is your best attempt.

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2. Practice Image-Based Questions

If you attempted the AIIMS exam on 13th November (or took reviews from a friend who did) you would know that Image based questions was the most difficult part.

Image-Based questions carry a substantial weight age in the NEET PG exam as well, and can increase or decrease your chances of getting a good rank.

Therefore, it is essential to practice Images simultaneously while preparing the theoretical part.

Attaining a fair degree of competence in solving Image-based questions will provide you an edge over your competitors since this is a portion usually neglected by majority of candidates.

PrepLadder experts have prepared 1,000 Image based MCQs available with NBE SnapShot pack.

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3. Follow Tips from Previous Year Toppers

Go through several Success stories of previous year toppers and observe various aspects such as the Preparation Strategy followed by them, Books followed by them, how they enhance their Time Management skills & Accuracy, their Exam Attempt strategy, etc.

We regularly post a lot of topper interviews from our alumni at PrepLadder.


4. Streamline your Preparation

At this instance, you must emphasize on studying and revising the Most Important Topics. Do not waste time in studying everything.

Thoroughly revise all the important topics, concepts, key points and highlights.

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5. Know your competition

NEET PG is a competitive exam; it is not sufficient to focus only on your own preparation.

To be able to outshine 1.2 lakh competitors in NEET PG, you need to have a reality check of your preparation level.

PrepLadder frequently conducts free ‘All India Exams’ that are attempted by tens of thousands of NEET PG candidates.

These free All India exams are your best option for real competition analysis for NEET PG. We will conduct one final All India exam before NEET PG, we would advice you not to miss that.


6. Practice Questions that other people get wrong

Since prometric’s normalization awards more marks for questions that other people get wrong you need to emphasize on practicing those questions. This will provide you an edge over your competitors in NEET PG.

PrepLadder is the only platform with a data driven software that analyzes behavior of our thousands of users and can provide you questions that other competitors answer wrong.

These questions are available with NBE Snapshot, the smartest pack by PrepLadder which will surely increase your NEET PG scores in the final few days.

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Effectively implementing the above-listed Strategies will definitely assist you in securing an AIR below 5,000 in NEET PG 2017. 

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