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Given the few PG seats in Government Medical Colleges, there is intense degree of competition to grab a coveted seat in a prestigious Medical Institution.

Owing to the extremely difficult nature of various PG exams, candidates feel apprehensive and succumb to anxiety.

With a view to relieve your stress level and ease your PG preparation, we will share the strategy as to how to correlate different subjects to get the maximum yield out of your study time.

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How to correlate subjects?

The simplest way to prepare a subject is to correlate it with the topics studied previously.

We will now list the order in which you should study the Subjects that will help you to correlate topics from one subject with the other and retain all the facts and information for a longer period.

This list has been prepared by talking to people who were mediocres in their MBBS and went on to achieve a rank below 1,000 in NEET PG.


ORDER of Preparation:

*Click on individual subject name to see important topics from that subject.



Commence your preparation with Anatomy, the fundamental subject.


Orthopedics must follow Anatomy. This way you can revise the Nerves and Joints studied in Anatomy


Surgery must follow Orthopedics so that you have an orientation of the abdomen


Physiology must follow Surgery


Pathology must follow Physiology so that you can correlate with Physiology which you have studied previously


Pathology should be followed by Pharmacology


Medicine should follow Pharmacology because you would already have knowledge of most of the drugs.


Microbiology must be studied next in the order so that infectious diseases can be revised with ease

Preventive & Social Medicine

PSM must be studied next so that you can revise Vaccines.

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, ENT & Ophthalmology

These must be prepared next


Biochemistry should be next in the order


Pediatrics must be studied next since the disorders and syndromes can now be understood better

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics & Gynecology must follow this.

RadiologyPsychiatry , Dermatology & Anesthesia

These subjects should be studied at last. 


We hope that this blog will prove beneficial in Correlating and easing your NEET PG preparation.


More Updates will follow.

Stay Tunedǃǃ

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