You always come across 'over-prepared' NEET PG droppers on joining a coaching institute for NEET PG preparation, these droppers intimidate you with their level of preparation and you feel out of the race already at some point in time. This happens with most of the candidates who are taking the examination while being in internship.

Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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As a result many people consider their first attempt as a trial and are not really serious about getting a seat. But what if we told you that you can get a clinical seat in your first attempt, the attempt that you take while you are still an intern.

Here are easy ways to bring yourself back in the competition. In fact these tips can take you 2 steps ahead of those who take a drop for NEET PG:

Attaining superior level in ‘extra knowledge’:

Start the journey for extra knowledge by going through last 3-5 year papers thoroughly to know exactly the pattern and expected questions in NEET PG. This will help you to filter out the important topics and utilize the time to revise these topics again and again rather than wasting time on unimportant topics and this will assist you to lead in the NEET PG preparation way. We have made a list of most important topics for you, 80% of the questions in NEET PG will appear from the first 50% topics in this list. You can download the list of important topics here.


Working on Strategic exam taking approach

The right strategy is a most important for scoring maximum in NEET PG Exam. This strategy can be built only through practice where you try different ways of approaching the examination and implement the best one for increased efficiency with accuracy. Time Management is highly imperative for this exam that can be achieved only through practice and refining strategy. You can practice on the free mock test series by PrepLadder.

Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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Quality time study is superior to quantity time study

Oftentimes the droppers intimidate you by telling the number of hours to study in order to get past the examination and also the number of books to refer to. But you don’t have those many hours available because of your internship duties. So you have to take out maximum output from the limited hours you can put in.

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Taking control over stress levels

There is increased pressure from the family on the Candidates who dropped a year for preparation as the expectations of the family rises. This leads to critical increase in the stress levels that can lead to low ranks in the examination. However, in the case of a fresher the amount of pressure is less than as compared to those who drop, so it is an advantage because stress is never productive. You can prepare better than them.


Use clinical postings to your advantage

Interns have an advantage of reading a topic and getting to look at the same case. Droppers don’t have this luxury. So as an intern, you can always understand a topic much better by clinically applying your knowledge.

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Do what they missed

Take the mock tests seriously and work on your weaknesses. Though the ones who dropped a year may be quick in mock tests but you can beat them in accuracy and also in speed by taking more mock tests and analysing the mock paper by solving the wrong and un-attempted questions and then rectifying your weak areas with practice. You can take PrepLadder mock tests to get a customized improvement plan made for you.

These are few of the points which will help you overcome all the obstacles and clear the NEET PG in your first attempt. If implemented, these tricks will help you lift the inferiority complex and confidently compete with droppers.

Champion's Blueprint: A Result Oriented Approach to PG Prep

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