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  • NEET SS Preparation Tips

    Thorough and rigorous preparation is an absolute necessity to crack the NEET SS examination. Appearing in the exam without any proper preparation would only lead to unfavourable, disappointing results. As a NEET SS aspirant, you must be aware of the vastness of the syllabus and that you would require a lot of time to cover all the topics. So, it is advisable to start your NEET SS preparation well before the exam.

  • 7 step guide to your last minute PGMEE preparation

    PGMEE preparation of medical students ends up in a fiasco near the Exams. There are many reasons for failed efforts towards preparations. Various unforeseen circumstances, procrastination, work schedule, heavy internship work, the list keeps going on and on. These could be the potential reasons for failure in preparations.

  • How Do NEET-PG Toppers Study?

    is one of the most important national level exams and with the delay in the exam, we’d encourage all the candidates to make the most of this extra time and not leave even a single stone unturned in their NEET-PG preparation. 
    Every year many candidates take the exam intending to crack it.

    Out of those some get through with a good rank and some are left behind. This is mainly due to the increasing competition and complexity of the question paper which has made it tough for people to get through. So, to clear the exam with a high-rank one needs to follow different methods of studying to be at par with the changing trends in the medical exam. 

  • How to prepare for NEET-PG at Home amidst COVID-19?

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 has left the whole nation in fear. The lockdown has led to the closing down of all the educational institutes, thus forcing NEET-PG aspirants to stay at home. With this many candidates are wondering how to prepare for their NEET-PG entrance exam during this pandemic. Even the parents are worried about their children's future. 

  • Integrated Essentials - The NEXT Level of Learning

    Changes are a part and parcel of life. These changes, no matter whether they seem good or bad at the time, will teach you something new. They make you more flexible, more understanding and prepare you for the future. These will encourage you to progress and will give you the experience and drive to push forward.

  • Introducing PrepLadder’s all-new improved Stats

    The long-awaited stats update is now live in our app. To provide more information and help you track your progress better, the statistics section has been updated. The latest version of the application contains the updated stats section which has various features that are listed below. 

    In this blog, we will share the features of the updated version to help you understand the stats with ease. 

  • Introducing QBank 2.0: Get addicted to learning

    PrepLadder QBank 2.0 | The Best Ever QBank with 23,000+ High Yield Questions
    At PrepLadder, we are constantly looking for ways to ease your burdens, improve your learning experience, and create the best content. We collate, study, and analyze your feedback and then use it to come up with ways to do better. The result of our latest efforts and endeavors is PrepLadder QBank 2.0. An updated, improved, and revised version of the PrepLadder QBank, which is now live in the PrepLadder App.

    2021 Dream Pack: Clinical | Integrated | NEXT Ready

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  • Let's Keep Going! Exam Might be Delayed but Preparation Needs to Continue.


    Plan of Action

    The 2021 NEET PG Might be Delayed but the Preparation & Practice Needs to Continue. 

  • MBBS 1st Prof Exam Preparation Strategy

    Every year plays an important role during MBBS, the first year, in particular, is very crucial as it serves as the foundation for the next few years. As a Prof 1 student, it introduces them to new technical terms, tests their fundamentals, and enables them to brush up on their previous knowledge. 

  • NEET SS Medicine: List of Important Topics

    After receiving a great response to the important topics andexpected exam pattern for NEET-SS Surgery, we have now come up with a list of important topics for theNEET-SS Medicine exam

  • Our attempt to make sure you do your best in PG entrance exam.


    2018 will mark the birth of an all new PrepLadder.
    We’re launching a new app, a new website and all new error free content in 2018.

    Our only goal in 2018 is to help you achieve yours.

  • Prepare for FMGE While you Stay Abroad


    FMGE 2018 Packs - Empowering Students to Achieve Their Goal.

    We’re launching FMGE packs with the Best Faculty, a New App and a New Website in 2018.

    Our only goal in 2018 is to help you achieve yours.

  • PrepLadder Notes: Important Update

    Pandemics can be short-lived, but their economic impact can be long-term. 

    As the world grapples to sustain and bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, we at PrepLadder are trying our best to make sure you stay on track as far as your preparation is concerned. 

  • Take your best NEET MDS Attempt in 2019


    We’re launching NEET MDS packages with the Best Faculty, a New App and a New Website in 2018.

    Our only goal in 2018 is to help you achieve yours.

  • Tech Advancements 2020: Individual Subject Apps

    As promised to update you regarding the tech advancements on our apps, we are here with the latest updates that have been made to our partner apps.

    You can check back on this blog post for all the upcoming tech advancements which will come on the other individual subject apps.

  • Why should doctors consider a Super Speciality degree?

    Becoming Super Specialists is the need of the hour. Due to the rising complexity in diseases and other medical problems, it’s more desirable to seek a specialist than a general practitioner. It has become crucial for doctors to opt for a super speciality degree even after an MD or MS. Medical science is constantly evolving and many super speciality hospitals are taking root, thus, there is a dire need for effective management of medical practices and processes.