neet pg preparation

  • 2 Months Revision Plan for NEET-PG 2019

    NEET-PG 2019 is scheduled to be held on 6 January 2019. As the exam is approaching near, it is a high time to burn the midnight oil for getting a desired rank.

    We are sure you might have completed or are about to complete the syllabus atleast once. Now is the time to focus on revision.

  • Champion's Blueprint- Detailed Schedule


    To give your NEET PG preparation one final boost PrepLadder presents Champion’s Blueprint.

    A pack specially designed for the final 2 months.

  • Everything you need to know about NEET-PG 2019


    The registrations for NEET PG 2019 began yesterday at 6 PM. Aspirants eagerly waited all day long to start filling the examination forms. As soon as the registration process began, thousands of applicants applied for NEET-PG on day-1.

    The exam is scheduled to be conducted on 6th January 2019, and aspirants must complete the registration process on or before November 22, 2018.

  • How to avoid anxiety a few days before NEET PG 2020

    Taking an exam isn’t just about studying, it is more about confidence. Some candidates feel nervous, some curious, some bewildered, some anxious. Exam anxiety is the experience of feeling an intense moment of fear or panic before or during the exam.

    Stress is a temporary effect that could be beneficial if one decides to gear himself up for the challenge ahead or it could be devastating if it is allowed to overpower your capability.

    Through this blog, we will see a few techniques that will help you overcome stress and perform well.

  • Important Topics in Biochemistry for NEET-PG by Dr. Smily Pruthi

    Biochemistry is a high scoring subject. Quite a good number of questions are asked from this subject in NEET-PG which makes it obligatory to thoroughly prepare the subject. According to the recent official subject-wise marks distribution for NEET-PG, around 16 MCQ’s are expected from this subject.

    To ease your revision for NEET-PG, we approached the famous faculty of Biochemistry, Dr. Smily Pruthi to share important topics which are high-yielding & must be prepared on tips.

  • Important Topics in Psychiatry for NEET-PG by Dr. Praveen Tripathi

    Psychiatry is the toughest in short subjects group. It needs a thorough understanding otherwise you’ll have to scratch your brain to solve the questions.

    With a view to make your preparation more effective for Psychiatry, we approached the famous faculty of Psychiatry, Dr. Praveen Tripathi to cast some light on the important topics of Psychiatry which will prove to be helpful for you for upcoming NEET-PG & other PGMEE examinations.

  • NEET PG 2019: Exam Analysis

    Many candidates who took the NEET-PG exam have reviewed it as of Moderate to Difficult.

    We collected information from the candidates who took the exam to help you understand how the exam was for others.

    10,000+ candidates took PrepLadder survey yesterday.

    We have consolidated data from all the responses to give an accurate picture of the exam standard.

  • Super 30- High Yield Boost for NEET PG

    NEET-PG is just 30 days away and this is a very crucial time for the aspirants. After successfully completing Catalyst 100, PrepLadder has now come forth with another free preparation tool for NEET PG aspirants i.e. SUPER 30.

    Starting on 6th December, SUPER 30 is carefully designed 30-Day module established to give a final touch to your preparation and help you gain a competitive edge over other competitors in these last 30 days.

    You can join Super 30 on PrepLadder’s App, Facebook group or Telegram channel.