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  • Average Student's Guide To Crack FMGE


    Medical students with average aptitude doubt their ability to crack FMGE. Candidates build this perception usually based on their performance in Undergraduate course, but this is not true. The average candidates can crack any examination that they want to. This can be achieved by right attitude, smart work and right amount of hard work.

  • FMGE June 2017 Exam Analysis - Day 2

    Day 2 session of FMGE was conducted on 13th June, 2017. Many students have appeared in this exam and they are now hankering for a qualified score.

  • Importance of Clearing FMGE


    FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Exam which is a national level exam. This exam is conducted by NBE twice a year in the month of June and December.

  • 3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE

    3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE 

    The FMGE is a high-level screening exam of licensure nature.

    Over the years, the difficulty level of the FMGE exam has substantially increased and candidates often state that the exam has attained 'post-graduate' difficulty level.

    Revision is a very important part of preparation since the syllabus is vast and candidates tend to forget most of the information without adequate revision.

  • 7 hacks for better FMGE Preparation

    7 hacks for better FMGE Preparation

    Over the years, the difficulty level of the FMGE exam has increased significantly.

    Candidates are often stated saying that the exam has attained a post-graduate level and are apprehensive of the vast syllabus of the FMGE exam.

  • 9 Things you should not do for FMGE preparation

    Candidates can find many articles on how to prepare for FMGE, what to do, tips, strategies, tricks and what not? These topics help a lot in building the right strategy. But, however these are not sufficient because sometimes a candidate may commit some mistakes which could turn to be disastrous because things to be avoided were not mentioned anywhere. So here we are with things to be avoided at all costs while preparing for FMGE.

  • Belief & Faith in oneself do wonders says PrepLadder Alumini Dr. Archana Singh

    PrepLadder congratulates Dr. Archana Singh on clearing FMGE. We wish her all the best for her career and future ahead.

    In this exclusive interview with PrepLadder, she shares the plan that worked for her to help to get a wonderful score in FMGE.

  • Career Options after Clearing FMGE

    Many people have this conception that after completing their MBBS from Abroad they don’t have much career options in India other than Clinical Practices and Teaching. This is totally a wrong perception as there are so many other lucrative options which a MBBS graduate can opt as a career.

  • Detailed Exam Analysis of FMGE December 2016

    FMGE exam analysisThe much talked about FMGE exam is now eventually over.

    FMGE December 2016 exam elicited mixed reviews from the candidates with some finding it Moderate while some stating that the exam was Difficult.

    PrepLadder is the fastest platform to bring forward the Detailed Exam Analysis of FMGE December 2016 session. The Detailed Exam Analysis has been compiled as per the genuine reviews of the candidates who took FMGE December 2016 exam.

  • Do’s and Don'ts While Preparing for FMGE

    A lot of thoughts run through the minds of the candidates as what must be done and what must not be done for their FMGE preparation. Here is the list of Do's and Don'ts that you should follow while preparing for FMGE. Make small improvements in yourself and make small efforts to achieve great results in FMGE.

  • Effective Techniques to Score good in FMGE 2018

    With FMGE June Session Exam just One month away, every hour is crucial for Foreign Medical Graduate Exam Aspirants.

  • Fight without rest till you achieve Success says PrepLadder Alumini Dr. Smita Patil

    PrepLadder congratulates Dr. Smita Patil on clearing the FMGE exam. We wish her all the best for her career and future ahead.

    In this exclusive interview with PrepLadder, she shares the plan that worked for her to help to get a wonderful score in FMGE.

  • FMGE - Not Mandatory for foreign graduates

    Many Indian students go abroad for their medical education due to few seats in the country and stiff competition. The students who pursue their medical education abroad are supposed to pass the Screening Test conducted by MCI before they can start practicing in India.

  • FMGE 2016 Result Declared. Check your result here

    FMGE 2016 Result Declared. Check your result here

    FMGE was conducted by the NBE on 29th June, 2016.

    The result for the June session has been officially released on July 09, 2016.

    The FMGE result has been declared for those candidates who have secured qualifying marks.

    The qualifying cut off for FMGE 2016 is 150 marks.

  • FMGE 2017 Exam Pattern

    FMGE 2017 Exam Pattern

    Foreign Medical Graduate Screening (FMGE) is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). This test is a mandatory requirement for Indian citizens who are desirous of practising medicine in India and have obtained a medical degree from a foreign university.

    This article will cast light on the exam pattern of FMGE 2017.

  • FMGE 2017 Result Declared, Check it here !

    FMGE 2017 Result has been declared !

    You can check the much awaited result here.

  • FMGE Guarantee Pack 2017- Schedule

    After hosting the most competitive and acclaimed Test series for FMGE aspirants, PrepLadder is back with its Flagship Test Series for FMGE aspirants.

    FMGE Guarantee Pack 2017 is launched with one vision only: Genuine Score Improvement of each student.

  • FMGE June 2017 Exam Analysis - Day 1

    Team Prepladder wishes good luck to all the FMGE aspirants who have appeared in FMGE June-2017 with the hope that you attain your goal of qualifying FMGE.

  • FMGE MARATHON 2017 - Complete Pack Schedule


    The difficulty level of FMGE is escalating day after day.Every FMGE aspirants hanker for a desired score while attempting FMGE.

  • FMGE Marathon-The Most Competitive FMGE Grand Tests


    PrepLadder is the only platform which always tries their best to help you in your hour of need. After getting a huge demand from FMGE aspirants from the entire country, we have decided to get the ball rolling on our new program i.e. to unveil FMGE Marathon Pack- 2017.