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  • "If I can do it, anyone can!" Says Dr. Sashwanthi Mohan

    If I can do it, anyone can - Says Dr. Sashwanthi Mohan

    PrepLadder congratulates Dr. Sashwanthi Mohan on getting her dream seat in one the most prestigious institutes in India. We wish her the best in life and career ahead.

    Here, she shares some tips to help you achieve this too.

  • "Practice tests are mandatory. Avoiding them can cost you a seat in PGMEE" –Says Dr. Anjitha

    Practice tests are mandatory. Avoiding them can cost you a seat in PGMEE

    At PrepLadder we measure our success by the number of successful students.

    We are really thrilled about the success of our alumni Dr. Anjitha Subash for getting the following ranks:

    AIPGMEE 2016: Rank 187

    Kerala state 2016: Rank 18

    DNB CET: Rank 202

    We congratulate her for achieving her dream branch Radio diagnosis.

    In conversation with PrepLadder she talks about how she managed to achieve this and how you can do this too.

  • 10 study tips to make sure you crack NEET PG this year

     10 study tips to make sure you crack NEET PG this year

    NEET PG will be the only exam for admissions in medical PG courses this year. Some will clear it and some won’t.

    Don't let all your efforts go waste. Use these 10 tips to make sure you get the maximum output from your study hours and stay ahead of the competition.

    These tips will help you develop a fruitful learning strategy and ascertain your success in NEET PG this year.

  • 2 Months Revision Plan for NEET-PG 2019

    NEET-PG 2019 is scheduled to be held on 6 January 2019. As the exam is approaching near, it is a high time to burn the midnight oil for getting a desired rank.

    We are sure you might have completed or are about to complete the syllabus atleast once. Now is the time to focus on revision.

  • 2021 Dream Notes: What's Changed and How to Make the Most of it

    Notes play a very important role in medical PG exam preparation. Better notes will help you remember concepts, develop meaningful learning skills, and gain a better understanding of a topic. Effective notes will even lead to less stress when exams come around!

    So, keeping that in mind, PrepLadder team has created the 2021 Dream Notes. Our notes this year include everything you need to ace Medical PG & FMG Exams. It’s the best resource for medical PG and FMG aspirants. They are Clinical, Integrated, and NEXT Ready. The new improved 2021 Dream Notes notes give you an entirely new learning experience. They’ve been updated to perfectly complement the 2021 video lectures by the Dream Team. 

  • 3 months Revision Plan for NEET-PG

    As NEET PG exam is approaching, it is high time to burn the midnight oil for getting a desired rank.

    In case you are still twiddling your thumbs to begin preparation, it is better to get back to study now and prepare study schedule for next year exam. For those who have completed or are about to complete the syllabus at least once, it is important that you continue to revision in these last vital months.

  • 36 Hours (one shift) in the life of an Indian resident doctor- The Indian Express

    36 Hours (one shift) in the life of an Indian resident doctor- The Indian Express                                           

    Doctors in Delhi went on strike asking for security, fixed hours and basic equipment. The Indian Express spent 36 hours(one shift) with a Surgery resident in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to check on what doctors were complaining about.

  • 5 Reasons why Candidates FAIL to Clear PGMEE

    NEET PG will be way more competitive that AIPG ever was. More than 1 lakh competitors are expected to take NEET PG this year, whereas AIPG was taken by only 75,000 candidates. Why is it that most of the candidates fail to clear the exam? In this post we will cover the reasons. Experts at PrepLadder will give you a few substantial reasons on why aspirants are not able to get an MD/MS seat of their choice in their first or second attempt.

    Strive not to commit such mistakes when you appear for NEET PG in December this year.

  • 6000 New MBBS Seats Announced in India | Medical.PrepLadder

    While there is just 1 doctor for 1700 people in India, there's 1 for every 390 people in the US, 1 for every 230 in Russia and 1 for every 170 in Cuba. Even Syria has a better ratio than India at 1:700.

  • 7 step guide to your last minute PGMEE preparation

    PGMEE preparation of medical students ends up in a fiasco near the Exams. There are many reasons for failed efforts towards preparations. Various unforeseen circumstances, procrastination, work schedule, heavy internship work, the list keeps going on and on. These could be the potential reasons for failure in preparations.

  • 8-9 months of serious study is enough to crack any exam -Says Dr. Sudhakaran VS

    8-9 months of serious study is enough to crack any exam

    PrepLadder congratulates Dr. Sudhakaran on achieving this unbelievable feat. We wish him all the best for his career and future.

    Here, he shares some tips to help you achieve this too.

  • 9 hacks for better PG Medical Entrance Exams Preparation

    9 hacks for better PG Medical Entrance Exams Preparation 

    This article is a compilation of the 9 important hacks to help you prepare for PGMEE better than your competitors.

    These hacks are prepared by our experienced faculty and if implemented properly, these will ensure your success in various PGMEEs.

  • 9 hacks to clear NEET PG


    NEET PG being a highly competitive exam needs full concentration, dedication, and focus. Cracking entrance exam is not easy. Therefore, it’s extremely important to plan out a strategy and ace up your sleeves for the precious time before the exam.

    Everyone strives to do his/her best as competition is much high. But there is always “Survival of the fittest”. For this, you first need to be optimistic and have faith in yourself and study hard to be a winner.

    This blog will help and guide you to prepare and make a strategy for your exam as this stage is crucial and many lose their confidence due to lack of motivation. So keep motivated and continue with your preparation.

  • A Revolution that's Changing how People Prepare for PGMEE

    Since the exam has changed, so has the way people prepare. So what is it that over 12,000 doctors are doing to prepare for PGMEE that you are missing out on?

    The answer is PrepLadder. PrepLadder has come up with a revolution in PGMEE preparation. Our mock tests will reinvent the way people prepare for the toughest and the most important exam of their life.

    Why do we call it a revolution..??

    What is so special about PrepLadder that you'll find nowhere else..??

    How can we help you gain advantage over your competition in PGMEE??

  • A revolution that's changing the way people prepare for AIIMS PG

    Still confused weather you should join PrepLadder's AIIMS PG pro pack or not?

    This article will help you decide if you need it or not..

  • A subject read but not revised is as good as not read -says PrepLadder Alumni Dr. Pawan Goel (AIIMS Rank 1/ PGI Rank 7)

    PrepLadder congratulates Dr. Pawan Goel on securing Rank 1 in AIIMS and Rank 7 in PGI. We wish him all the best for his career and future ahead.

    In this exclusive interview with PrepLadder, he shares the plan that worked for him to help you get an amazing Rank in AIIMS.

  • Admission for Medical-PG NRI/ Management Quota seats open in Karnataka 2017-18

    Here’s an essential information regarding the admission of NRI medical students who wish to pursue their post graduation in Karnataka, India.

    In this blog, we will provide you with all the important dates and details regarding the admission in one of the most desired place for pursuing post graduation.

  • AIIMS PG 2016 Application Form

    AIIMS PG 2016 Application Form

    The Application procedure for the AIIMS PG 2016 July session started on 24th February and Concluded on 23rd March 2016. Aspirants who have applied for AIIMS PG 2016 for July session can check their application status by clicking here.

    Or you can check the application form status by entering your ID and password in the form given below.

  • AIIMS PG 2017-18 Session – Entrance Exam Dates Released

    The tentative dates of the AIIMS PG Entrance Examination to be conducted during the year 2017-18 has been announced.

    AIIMS has released the dates for both July 2017 session and January 2018 session together.

  • AIIMS PG January 2017 Result Declared

    AIIMS PG Entrance serves as a gateway for admission to MD/MS/MCh/MDS courses.

    AIIMS PG exam is organized twice a year. AIIMPS PG exam for the January session was conducted on 13th November 2016. The results of the AIIMS PG January 2017 session are now officially announced.