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  • 200 years of stethoscope, how much longer will it survive?

    We all remember buying our first stethoscopes, we couldn't recognise any bowel/heart/respiratory sound then but we still paraded around in wards hanging it around our neck.

    And to be honest we still feel a sense of pride when we accessorize with a Littmann while in hospital. We love it, adore it and get sad if we lose it.

    But where did it all begin?

  • 36 Hours (one shift) in the life of an Indian resident doctor- The Indian Express

    36 Hours (one shift) in the life of an Indian resident doctor- The Indian Express                                           

    Doctors in Delhi went on strike asking for security, fixed hours and basic equipment. The Indian Express spent 36 hours(one shift) with a Surgery resident in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital to check on what doctors were complaining about.

  • Admission for Medical-PG NRI/ Management Quota seats open in Karnataka 2017-18

    Here’s an essential information regarding the admission of NRI medical students who wish to pursue their post graduation in Karnataka, India.

    In this blog, we will provide you with all the important dates and details regarding the admission in one of the most desired place for pursuing post graduation.

  • Everything you need to know about MDS in PGIMER Chandigarh

    Everything you need to know about MDS in PGIMER Chandigarh

    MDS/House Job Course at PGI, Chandigarh is one of the most sought after options amongst the MDS Aspirants since it provides the opportunity to earn while studying. 

    This article will acquaint you with important details pertaining to MDS (House Job Course) such as Eligibility details, fee structure, etc.

  • Job Openings for BDS as Scientist

    Government jobs are very popular among the youngsters. This can be attributed to the innumerable benefits offered by them.

    Ranging from a handsome pay scale to fixed working hours to lucrative allowances to high esteem, who does not long for such a lifestyle.

    After all, Government jobs are much better than private jobs which are characterized by long working hours, high workload.

    PrepLadder always keeps you updated with the latest job openings.

  • PGI Jan-2017 Results declared

    The results of the PGIMER HOuse Job January session Exam conducted on November 27, 2016 has been released.

    Applicants who appeared in PGIMER January 2017 House Job exam can check their results here:

  • Recent Government Job Openings for BDS - November 2016

    Government Jobs are one of the most sought after jobs after BDS. This is owing to numerous benefits offered by the Government jobs in terms of the job security, pay scale, allowances, flexibility and the high reputation which accompanies these jobs.

    Recently, a number of Government job vacancies have been released for the BDS Graduates.

  • Recent Jobs for BDS Graduates- January 2018


    PrepLadder bring forth this blog to share recent job openings to BDS graduates so that they don’t miss any job notification and are able to avail the opportunity to the fullest.

  • Various career options after MBBS in India

    Most people think that there are no options for MBBS graduates apart from clinical and teaching practices. This is a wrong perception since medicine these days is as vast as any other field and options are numerous. Here we list 10 career options for you that you can choose from post MBBS.

  • What's it like to be a med student in India?

    Schedule of a medical student

    A medical student during his grad course wakes up with the earliest rays of sunrise, he has a table attached to his bed, he freshen up and lifts up the pen bookmarked in the books. He tries to race with the words of the book to build up understanding with the leftovers of the aftermath he did yesterday. After breakfast, there are the long tiring lectures, followed by lunch and the library date. Some more studies. 10- 16 long hours of study, absence of movies, trips and hangouts strike the mind in the times when friends of other stream are having fun. Med students have to compromise fun and sleep with studies.