How to Recall Maximum of What you Study for NEET PG Dental/AIPGDEE 

A common problem which is encountered by most of the Dental PG aspirants is that they tend to forget the topics which they have already studied.

Owing to the vast syllabi of NEET PG Dental, candidates often tend to forget some topics.

In this article, we will share the techniques to enhance your memory power.

Facts Vs Myths: NEET PG Dental/MDS 2017

Over the recent few days, a lot of misleading information is circulating on the Internet concerning the NEET PG Dental/MDS 2017 exam.

This article will bring to light the real facts concerning the NEET PF Dental/MDS 2017 exam and assist the candidates in bifurcating the facts from the fast spreading rumours.

From Intern to MDS Faculty, 8 Tips to take you there

It is said Internship is the best time of a BDS student.

After gruelling hard work of final year, internship comes off as a cool and soothing breeze and a new energy fills each of us.

This is precisely the reason; there is never a better time to start preparing for NEET PG Dental than internship itself!

A mediocre student’s guide to BDS final year

It is a popular saying in BDS fraternity that a BDS student’s life goes through two major phases in the course of dental college;

  • The honeymoon year or Third year when we start our clinical postings and appear in only 3 exams
  • The grand finale or the final year with its 8 subjects and 8 practical exams

It becomes pretty challenging for final year students to juggle both academics and patients.

Here is a simple guide for an average student to make through final year smoothly.

 How to not get Bored while preparing for NEET PG Dental

Studying is not always an interesting activity, candidates generally get bored at some point or the other while studying.

Preparing for NEET PG Dental is a herculean task since the syllabus is very vast and the competition level is very high.

This article will cast light on some steps which will help you to keep boredom at bay while studying.