NEET MDS is around the corner and thousands of aspirants have been preparing well since it is a crucial period for them to achieve success in the exam.

Since approximately 40 days are left for NEET MDS 2019, it is the peak time for the aspirants to utilize this time in most effective manner to secure a good rank in the upcoming exam.

Through this blog, we are listing the strategies assisting the aspirants in utilizing these last 40 days and an effective study plan, set in advance, to tackle the exam more competently.

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40 Days Revision Plan for NEET-MDS 2019

In these last 40 days, divide the time effectively between revision and practice. Formulate a proper study plan in such a way that you are able to dedicate at least 3-4 hours to Revision and about 6-7 hours for practicing MCQ's. Even though it might seem difficult to stick to the plan, but it is very important since you need to take maximum output from the limited number of days and ensure that revision is accomplished on time.

Our experts have compiled 40 days revision plan, considering the intellect of an average student. 
















General Medicine


General Surgery


Dental Anatomy


Dental Material


Oral Pathology


Oral Medicine & Radiology




Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics


Oral Surgery


Public Health Dentistry









Revision Strategies for NEET-MDS

Prepare a list of topics

The first and foremost step in preparing a strategy for accomplishing the preparation is to spend one or two days in making a list of topics that must be covered in every subject. Pick out the high-yielding topics from exam point of view and revise them thoroughly.

To know which all are the high-yielding topics, you can refer to previous years papers and some of the advanced revision websites like PrepLadder.


Do not pick any new topic to prepare

In this last moment, it is recommended that do not start any new topic for preparation. This will divert your attention and will leave you confused. Avoid wasting time and energy in preparing the topics which are new to you. Master your stronger topics and completed syllabus during this crucial time.


Revise on a regular basis

Revision holds much importance in NEET MDS exam. Regularly revise topics you have already prepared. Thoroughly go through the notes and standard books you have referred along with the highlighted portions. Repeated revision of volatile subjects and topics helps in longer retention, thus, providing an edge to your preparation.


Practice Online Mock Tests regularly

Regular practice, in these last 40 days for NEET MDS, is paramount to gain a competitive edge. Spend ample time in attempting as many online mock tests as you can. Mock tests familarize yu with the exam pattern and helps reduce exam anxiety.

This is due to the fact that when you are more accustomed for attempting the tests in a stipulated time while keeping pace, you will actually feel comfortable and confident when you take the actual exam. This will further improve your accuracy, time management and compatibility with the exam’s software.


Analyze your performance after every mock test

Experts advise that aspirants should not forget to review their performance after every mock test because attempting the Mock Tests alone does not guarantee success in NEET MDS. Thus, analyze well to know your stronger areas and weaker areas. Also, note the questions you find difficult and revise them regularly.

Focus on improvement required in your preparation strategy and keep revising your stronger areas. Identify and rectify your mistakes and spend sufficient time to strengthen your weak areas so that you do not commit similar mistakes in further attempts.


Relax and stay calm

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, thus, take regular short breaks while doing the revision. Just put 100% effort and concentrate on preparation. Relax your body by doing meditation, taking a walk, listening music or anything which calms you. Keep calm and do not succumb to exam pressure as smart work, determination and self-confidence will surely help you in achieving a good rank in NEET MDS 2019.


It needs effective strategy, ample dedication and systematic approach during this time of preparation in order to grab a desired MDS seat.

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