How to compete with those who drop a year for  NEET PG Dental 

You will always come across ‘over-prepared’ NEET MDS droppers.

These droppers will intimidate you with their level of preparation and you will feel that you lag behind in the race at some point in time.

Most of the candidates taking the examination while doing Internship come across such a situation.

Most of the candidates consider their first attempt as a trial and are not really serious about securing a seat.

Here are some effective ways to bring exceed in the competition.

Let’s have a glimpse of the tips.....


1. Attaining Superior Level in ‘Extra Knowledge’

Commence your journey for ‘extra knowledge’ by going through 5-7 previous year papers. This will help you to identify the exam pattern and the expected questions in NEET MDS exam.

Analysing the previous years papers will help you to filter out the most important topics.

Then you can focus completely on the most important topics and avoid wasting precious time on the unimportant topics.

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2. Develop a Sound Exam Attempt Strategy 

Devising an effective exam attempt strategy is vital for success in NEET MDS exam.

An effective strategy can be only framed through sufficient practice where you will figure out different ways for approaching the examination.

Attempting enough number of mock tests you enable you to devise the best strategy for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Time Management is also highly imperative in driving success in NEET MDS exam.


3. Qualitative Study is Superior to Quantitative Study

Droppers often intimidate the aspirants with the number of hours to put in to get through the examination and the number of books to be referred to.

You will not be able to devote too much time owing to your internship duties.

Focus on the quality of study that you do and do not think about the number of hours. 

Prepare thoroughly in the limited time and try to extract the maximum from the limited time available.

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4. Utilize Clinical Postings to Your Advantage

Interns often have the advantage of preparing a topic and coming across a similar case. Droppers usually do not have this luxury.

So while working as an Intern, you will be able to comprehend a topic better by applying your knowledge to practical situations.


5. Overcoming Stress Levels

There is tremendous pressure on the candidates who have dropped a year for preparation as the expectation of the family increases.

This often leads to a critical increase in the stress levels resulting in low ranks of the aspirants.

Fresher candidates face a lesser amount of pressure in comparison so they can use this factor  to their advantage since stress is never productive.


6. Do what they have missed

You must attempt mock tests with dedication.

Taking Mock tests should be an activity which must be done throughout the NEET MDS preparation.

You must analyze your performance after each mock test and identify your weaker areas.

Then you must work on your weaker areas and strive to rectify your errors.

You must also work on  your speed and accuracy since these two factors are the drivers of success in NEET MDS exam.

Attempt both full-length and speed tests to improve your speed and accuracy.


These are few tips which will help you overcome all the hurdles and get through the NEET MDS exam in the first attempt.

Best Wishes!

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