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 5 reasons to appear in NEET Dental PG

Owing to the stiff competition and the time dedicated to achieving it, many BDS graduates get discouraged and give up their dream of pursuing MDS

Here are five reasons why you should go for MDS.


1. Allows for growth in profession

  • As a BDS, one’s resources and knowledge are limited and not much scope is there for upgradation.
  • For example a BDS staff in a dental college may not get a substantial hike in years, but MDS staff is liable to periodic pay raise and seniority


2. Marketing artifice for your practice

  • As the patients are becoming more aware of dentistry, there is a particular sect of people who prefer getting their dental treatment done from specialists
  • Hence appearing in NEET PG dental can boost up your clientele

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3. Enables you to explore your field better

  • If you really like dentistry and you want to expand your knowledge and clinical expertise, MDS is the way to go


4. Serves as a gateway to many government jobs and senior posts

  • There are many jobs where MDS dentists get an edge over their BDS counterparts.
  • MDS also adds a lot of CDE points on your CV


5. This time it is a fair competition

  • Since all admissions will be through NEET PG dental this year, the donation admissions will run aground and more seats will be allotted on the basis of merit only


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Hence, the time is ripe, so make the most of it and gear up for Mission MDS!


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