How to not get Bored while preparing for NEET PG Dental

Studying is not always an interesting activity, candidates generally get bored at some point or the other while studying.

Preparing for NEET PG Dental is a herculean task since the syllabus is very vast and the competition level is very high.

This article will cast light on some steps which will help you to keep boredom at bay while studying.


Techniques to keep Boredom Away while Studying

1. Find a Suitable Place for Study

One of the most important aspects of studying is identifying the right place. You must identify a place which is free from distractions since distractions are counterproductive to learning.

Identify a place which is well-lit and temperature controlled. You must also make sure that there is enough space to spread all the materials out. You can also prefer places like the library for study since the environment is quiet and free from distractions.


2. Don’t get Too comfortable 

You are likely to get bored and distracted if you chose an environment which is ‘too comfortable’. Avoid sitting on a bed or a chair which is very comfortable as you are likely to fall asleep. Select a chair or a study table which helps you to keep your body erect while studying.


3. Mix up Topics

To avoid getting bored, you must change the topics which are studying at regular intervals. You must make sure that you do not devote all your time to one aspect of the content.

Make pairs of subjects for everyday and change the topics after short durations to keep away from boredom.

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4. Plan your End Goals

Candidates end up getting bored since they lack awareness of where their study session is proceeding or what they need to accomplish. You must plan your life goals before commencing your preparation. You must introspect on what you need to accomplish in your life. This way you will have clear objectives in your mind which will help you to combat boredom.


5. Select your Most Active Time of the Day

You must select that time of the day when you are most awake and active, it can be early morning or evenings after your siesta, whichever you prefer. This will help you to study without getting sleepy and you will be more vibrant, thus able to retain information for longer periods.

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6. Take Frequent Breaks

Sitting in the same position for long hours can result in massive bouts of boredom. You must take short breaks between the study hours and relax.

Play sports, eat snacks, watch T.V. or listen to songs during the short breaks.

Taking short breaks helps to boost the energy level while also combating boredom at the same time.

Try to eat snacks rich in proteins and fibre and take milk and dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds, granola, and raisins. These greatly help in enhancing the memory capacity while also boosting the energy level.


7. Make it Fun

If you find a material dull or boring, you can make it interesting by turning the concepts into a song or a game. This will help you retain the tough concepts till the exam.

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8. Take Notes through your Preparation

One technique of avoiding boredom is to take notes as you study. Taking notes will greatly ease the learning process and also help in information retention.

Some tips for Effective Note Taking

  • You must omit writing facts and write conclusions while taking notes
  • Use colour coding and make connections while taking notes
  • Avoid writing a mass of information
  • Try to take notes in the form of short and compact points


9. Avoid Electronics

You must keep cell phones and laptops away while studying since they will serve as distractions and divert your concentration.

If you need to use a laptop for study material, you must avoid playing games or visiting social media sites or surfing the Internet.


10. Reward Yourself

You must reward yourself after long hours of study. Reward yourself by playing video games or hanging out with friends.

We are sure that the aforesaid tips will definitely help the aspirants to combat boredom while preparing for NEET PG Dental.

Best Wishes!

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