A mediocre student’s guide to BDS final year

It is a popular saying in BDS fraternity that a BDS student’s life goes through two major phases in the course of dental college;

  • The honeymoon year or Third year when we start our clinical postings and appear in only 3 exams
  • The grand finale or the final year with its 8 subjects and 8 practical exams

It becomes pretty challenging for final year students to juggle both academics and patients.

Here is a simple guide for an average student to make through final year smoothly.


1. Regularity

There are no fixed hours or defined parameters, but one thing for sure is regularity in studies. Do qualitative study regularly, so that it doesn’t pile up in the end.


2. Patient quota

While this varies from college to college and department to department, patient quota is one of the biggest worries of a final Prof Student. Complete your patient work and records on time, so that you have time for theory revision later.


3. Midterms

Most of the students take midterms very lightly and only study before send up exams. But, in fact midterms act as a syllabus reducing agent by preparing you step by step.

Be sincere and appear in them with good preparation.


4. Don’t panic

Seeing this much amount of syllabus, a lot of students lose their morale. Calm down, clear your head and take baby steps by completing one topic at a time.

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5. Notes

There are 8 subjects each with a clinical and theory aspect, hence it is very difficult to consult the reference books during exams. So it is a wise decision to make good notes which will help you revise in time while giving you the best from all the books.

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6. Seniors

Establish a good rapport with your college seniors, because many a times they will guide you in a way no teacher can. They have been through the same situation as yours. Learn from their mistakes but don’t solely rely on them.


7. Be professional

Whenever you are with a patient, be professional in your conduct. Do your work honestly and don’t speak ill about your colleagues, your seniors or staff. It is up to you to maintain a doctor’s dignity and establish a trust based relationship with your patient. If u feel inadequate in dealing, consult your senior staff immediately


8. Dress code

This is not of much importance in other fields but in dentistry, a lot depends on it. Follow the college dress code and appear approachable, humble and dignified in front of your external.


9. Be positive

Now days a lot of students are taking drastic measures to deal with the pressure, but things don’t need to be that way.

Remember, like all times, this will also pass. So stay motivated and be positive. After all, you are going to be a doctor anytime soon!!


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We hope these guidelines were helpful to you. Stay tuned to PrepLadder for more!

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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