From Intern to MDS Faculty, 8 Tips to take you there

It is said Internship is the best time of a BDS student.

After gruelling hard work of final year, internship comes off as a cool and soothing breeze and a new energy fills each of us.

This is precisely the reason; there is never a better time to start preparing for NEET PG Dental than internship itself!


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Following are some tips for BDS Interns to join the dots and get to the other side as MDS Doctors.


1. The blueprint

Establish a sound and realistic strategy for completing your syllabus by procuring your internship schedule as early as possible.

Chalk out the working departments like Prosthodontics, Conservative dentistry, Oral surgery etc. and plan to study subjects with greater weightage in other departments leaving lighter subjects for these.

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2. Seeing is believing!

Try to study a relevant subject to the clinical work you are doing. The visual impetus is a very big factor in retaining a topic. See what you study and you will never forget it.


3. Preclinical + clinical

Try making pairs of preclinical and clinical subjects which complement each other.

So that when boredom sets in, one can shift to the other subject. Also when you are done with both subjects, you will feel better at completing 2 subjects in a time span allotted to one subject.


4. Be Regular

Regularity and dedicated quality study is the mantra to cracking NEET PG Dental. There is no other way around, you can’t lose regularity because once the continuity is breached, the flow of the study also breaks


5. Do smart work

Don’t mug up everything, study what is important. Plan the topics for each subject keeping weightage in mind.


6. Retrospective study

Doing MCQ or textbook first has always been a dilemma, however most of the candidates who have cleared NEET PG dental claim to do MCQs first, followed by its relevant text which also includes all topics related to the same.

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7. Online mock tests

Since NEET PG Dental will be conducted online, practicing online mock tests will enable you to shirk off the fear of exam centre and prepare you better.

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8. Stay motivated and positive

Keep a very clear and focussed mind, but don’t lose out on the exciting clinical exposure of patients too!

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Internship is that time of life when you study not for appearing in college exams but for exams that decide your life and it is always better to do that in a stress-free way.

I hope all these tips prove to be of help to you, stay tuned for more!

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