The 3 phases your NEET MDS Preparation should go through

Owing to the increasing competition in the NEET MDS exam, the pre-requisites for getting through the exam are focused and dedicated preparation and a sound preparation strategy.

This article will cast light on the 3 phases which must be a part of your NEET MDS preparation.


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The 3 Essential Phases of NEET MDS preparation


Phase 1

This phase is essentially comprised of the following activities:


1. Review the Previous year papers and Identify the Most Important Topics

This phase should commence with feeding the data to the brain which means preparing the topics in the syllabus.

You must first go through the previous year papers and identify the most important topics with their weight age perspective.

Your aim should be to first complete all the high weight age topics and then advance to the less important ones.


2. Follow Good Quality Reference Material

You must refer to good quality competition books and video lectures for preparation.

Do not refer to too many books since it will only create confusion.


3. Focus on  Qualitative Study rather than Quantitative Study

You may devote any number of hours to study but  ensure that you study with complete concentration and try to extract the maximum output from the limited time that you put in.


4. Clear Your Concepts

You must strive to clear your concepts in all the topics since questions in the NEET MDS exam are often concept-based.


5. Learn and Develop Shortcuts and Tricks

You must learn and develop shortcuts and tricks which are effective in arriving at solutions quickly.


6. Take Short Notes

You must take short notes of all the important formulas, theorems, concepts and shortcuts. This will serve as a quick reference and will immensely help in quick revision.


7. Practice  MCQs

Practice is the success factor in NEET MDS exam.

You must practice a variety of MCQs on each topic. This will help you master the application of concepts to different situations.


8. Use Visual Aids

You must use visual aids like graphs, diagrams, charts, tables, etc while making notes. This will greatly help in understanding the topic and assist in quick revision.


Phase 2 : Revise & Simulate

You must start off with Revision and Mock Tests at least 2 months prior to the exam.

You must revise all the important formulas, tricks and concepts at regular intervals to ensure that information is retained till the exam.

Another important activity which must be attempted in the last 2 months is taking online mock tests.

Attempt 2-3 mock tests each day and check performance after each mock test. Strive to improve your speed and accuracy by attempting a sufficient number of full-length and speed tests.

Attempt the exam as if you appearing for the real exam.

Analyse your strong and weak areas after each mock test and work on your weaker areas.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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Phase 3:  Avoid Stress & Take Rest

Simulation phase ends two days before the exam.

Take adequate rest and avoid stress to ensure that you remain firm in the examination. Remain calm, meditate and go the gym, play sports and relax before the exam.

Remain confident and optimistic on the test day.

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