Most Important Topics of Orthodontics for NEET MDS

Orthodontics is a very high yielding topic in NEET MDS exam. It is one of the most important and sought after clinical subject of the BDS as well as a speciality in MDS. It is highly lucrative in dental practice and always in demand!

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This article will acquaint the aspirants with the Most-Important Topics of Orthodontics from NEET MDS perspective.

Most-Important Topics of Orthodontics for NEET MDS 


Important Topics 

Introduction to orthodontics

Jackson’s triad

Objectives of orthodontics

Angle’s contributions


Principles and concepts of growth

Growth spurts

Functional theory


Scammon’s curve

Safety valve mechanism

Expanding V principle

Cephalocaudal gradient

Trajectories of forces

Wolff’s law


Growth and development of craniofacial structures

Skeletal age


Pressure Tension Hypothesis

Sutural Growth

Piezoelectric Theory

Development of dentition and occlusion

Gum Pads

Self-Correcting Anomalies

Physiologic Spaces

Incisal Liability

Terminal Planes


Functional development

Trajectories Of Forces

Infantile And Mature Swallow



Andrew’s 6 keys

Compensatory curves


Classification of malocclusion

Ackerman profit

Angles’s- Drawbacks included

Simon’s & Bennet’s Classification




Etiology of malocclusion


Factors causing malocclusion


Oral habits

Thumb Sucking

Tongue Thrusting

Mouth Breathing

Bruxism, Habit Breaking Appliances

Adenoid Facies


Skeletal maturity indicators

Carpal Index, Dental Age

Vital Staining



All the Analysis, VTO

Angles of cephalometry


Orthodontic diagnosis

Carpal Bones, Kesling Set Up

X-Rays In Orthodontics

Essential And Supplementary Diagnostic Aids


Model analysis

Bolton’s, Wit’s & Kesling’s Analysis

Ashley Howe’s, Pont’s & Carey’s Analysis


Biology and mechanics of tooth movement

Frontal Resorption

Types Of Tooth Movement

Ideal Orthodontic Force



Reinforced Anchorage,

Baker’s Anchorage

Reciprocal And Stationary Anchorage



Age factor in orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

Difference Between Adult And Adolescent Patient


Preventive orthodontics

Space Maintainer Especially Distal Shoe

Space Regainer


Interceptive orthodontics

Wilkinson’s extractions and muscle exercises


Methods Of Space Gaining

Distalization & Proximal stripping


Arch expansion

Rapid maxillary expansion

Coffin spring & Expansion screw



Therapeutic extractions and their indications


Orthodontic appliances (General)

Requisites Of Orthodontic Appliances

Difference Between Fixed And Removable Appliances


Management of common malocclusions

Midline Diastema & Rotations


Management of Class 2 Malocclusion

Clinical Features, Mandibular Retrusion

Growth Modulation


Management of Class 3 malocclusion

Management of Mandibular Prognathism in Adults

Dental Compensation in Class 3


Removable orthodontic appliances

Canine Retractor, Robert’s Retractor

Crozat Clasp & Adam’s Clasp

Z Spring & Finger Springs

Hawley’s Retainer & Arrow Head Clasp

Labial Bows & Catlan’s Appliance

Lip Bumper


Myofunctional and orthopaedic appliances

Twin Block Appliance & Headgears

Chin Caps, Bionator, Activator

Catlan’s Jasper Jumper, Frankel & Oral Screen


Management of open bite, cross bite and deep bite

Apertognathia & Tongue Blade Therapy

Catlan’s Appliance, Inclined Plane

Anterior Bite Plane


Cleft lip and Palate

Veau’s Classification

Team Approach, Epidemiology


Surgical orthodontics

Pericision, Genioplasty

Camouflage Treatment

Blanch Test, Supracrestal Fibrotomy


Retention and Relapse

Permanent retention & Theories of retention

Hawley’s appliance


Genetics in orthodontics

Teratogens & twin studies


Lab procedures

Soldering & spot welding

Nickel Titanium wires

Flux and antiflux

stainless steel, shape memory


Fixed Orthodontic appliances

Begg’s Appliance & Angle Appliance

Hyrax Appliance & Edgewise Appliance

Screws, Undermining Resorption

Brackets & Elastics

Denholtz Appliance, Quad Helix Appliance

Derichsweiler Appliance

Fixed Retainers & Molar Tubes 

We are sure that this article will definitely help the aspirants to streamline their preparation of Orthodontics for NEET MDS 2019.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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